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11 December, 2014

We are off to China.
Today Jamie, Panda & myself are heading to China to visit our factories
and check on the progress of our models. We will return just before Christmas and try to catch up on orders and emails when we return. Unfortunately we won't be contactable so if you send us an email or leave a phone message we will respond once we return.

4 December, 2014

NSWGR 45 Class Locomotives nearly sold out!
Our HO Scale 45 Class Locomotives ship out of China at the end of December and should be available mid January.

Indian Red 45-1, 45-2 & 45-6, have now sold out!
Reverse 45-8, 45-9, Candy 45-10, 45-12, 45-13, 45-14, Red Terror 45-18, Freight Rail Blue 45-20, 45-21, 45-22, Marlboro 45-23 & 45-24 have less than 10 units for each number.
Get your orders in quick to avoid missing out. We warned you early with the Candy 86 Class but many still missed out.

27 November, 2014

HO Scale Railers are here
Available now from our website in 7 different colours. Collect them all!

21 November, 2014

86 Class have arrived!
Today we unloaded the truck in 40 degree heat so that the 86 class could be safe and sound inside our warehouse.
We will be posting out orders early next week with most of them being packed and ready for the post office. There is one unannounced livery which is now available from the 86 Class page for $295.00. Its the Silverton decaled Freight Rail Blue 8601. We only produced a handful of these models so if you wish to order one do so soon.


20 November, 2014

Wow look at that!
e have received the first sample of our O Scale 1:45.3 NSWGR 45 Class Locomotive. The O Scale version will feature Handcrafted brass construction, 21-Pole Skew wound motor with twin brass flywheels, All wheel drive and electrical pickup, Metal Kadee couplers, Detailed cab interior with driver figures, See-through etched grilles, LED lighting including red/white marker lights, Sprung buffer plates, DCC ready, Limited to only 100 models, Each model individually numbered.

Available liveries, Indian Red 4501 & 4520, Reverse 4502 & 4508 & Candy 4506, 4504, 4514.

Webpage, order forms and prices will be updated soon.

19 November, 2014

We are back
Jeff and i have returned from our trip to the USA and we will be back into full steam for the next few weeks before Jamie, Panda & myself fly out to China to check on the progress of our many projects that are currently in production at the factory. When we return we will have updates on all projects with a better idea on delivery dates.

Our 86 Class locomotives should arrive this week so if you wish to order at the discounted price of only $250.00 i would advise getting your order in today or tomorrow! Because once they are here we will not accept any orders at the pre-paid/delivery price.

The HO Scale Auscision Railer will also turn up this week. details will be available on our products page once they arrive. 

A photo i took on our trip with my phone.

14 November, 2014

More 421 Samples received
We received some further 421 painted samples. The Candy look beautiful!


12 November, 2014

BRM T Class (Series 1) with cut away valance
Artworks have been completed for the BRM T Class 2nd run. This time they are doing the cut away valance version. A total of 10 different body versions have been tooled with 6 unique liveries. 

10 November, 2014

Victorian CP Guards Van
Information is now available on our website for our CP Van models. These models are one of our most expensive wagons we have ever produced. the tooling is nearly as much as a small locomotive. This is due to the need to tool 6 different body versions, extra tooling for the windows, detailed interior, power pickups on the bogies and operating red taillights with override switch. There is a total of 11 different packs with 4 liveries.

8 November, 2014

NSWGR NLDF Newsprint Van
Our website has been updated to show the NLDF page with details on numbers and wagon packs.

28 October, 2014

BRM P Class Samples
Today we received the BRM P Class Locomotive painted samples. These models will soon be in production. Please note that the popular V/Line Pass MK3 livery is selling fast.

9 October, 2014

Two week break
Auscision will be away until early November as we will be overseas from Friday. Its been a busy few months and we are still playing catch-up with emails and order receipts and we apologize for the delays and appreciate your patience. We will ensure we get on top of everything when we return.

Mel will still be at the warehouse posting orders so you may continue to post/fax orders to us as she will be able to process them. If you email us we will reply when we return.

Thanks for all of your support over the long weekend with the Pandamonium sale and our last exhibition of the year. We had a busy weekend and enjoyed catching up with all of our Sydney customers and those few interstate and overseas guys that made a special trip to see us.

5 October, 2014

Auscision's PANDAMONIUM long weekend sale!
20% off everything at this year's Sydney Model Railway Exhibition.
Offer excludes pre-orders, sale items and specials. Offer is also available to everyone that can't make it to the show via our online store. Simply pick the products you wish to order and the discount will be deducted before you check out.
Offer valid from Saturday 4th to Monday 6th of October 2014 and is for Australian residents only. 
Conditions apply.

4 October, 2014

NSWGR 421 Class Locomotive
Ok so we kept this one quiet for a while! Currently in production and expected to arrive late 2014/early 2015. Pre-production painted samples are on display at this weekends Sydney Model Railway Exhibition at Liverpool. Order forms are available online and once again we are offering our pay in full special price of $250.00 per locomotive. this offer will only last a couple of months as it will end as soon as the models leave China.

1 October, 2014

SAR 830 Class Locomotive
The long awaited 830 Class order form.

15 September, 2014

Auscisions Very Own NSWGR 48 Class Locomotive
Read below for details on our 48 class release and the special offer we have for all of our customers.


10 September, 2014

Southern Shorthaul Railroad (10 Year Livery) GT46C-ACe
Now available for pre-order. Be quick as there are only 100 models of each road number being produced. These are in production now and we expect them to arrive in December 2014. Click on the below order form to download.

29 August, 2014

Even More GT46C-ACe Painted Samples!
Pacific National & Genesee & Wyoming Australia GT46C-ACe samples have arrived.


27 August, 2014

Victorian L Class Electric Painted Samples
This week we received the painted samples for our soon to be released L Class Electric Locomotive. 

22 August, 2014

NSWGR 46 Class Painted Samples
We have received painted samples of our 46 Class Locomotives. Click on the below photo to see more photos on the 46 Class page.

18 August, 2014

XPT Artworks Finished
Our factory is now working on the XPT Painted Samples. We should hopefully see the samples by the end of the year.

4 August, 2014

More GT46C-ACe Painted Samples
We have received 3 more painted samples from the factory. These should finally go into production next month.


29 July, 2014

O Scale 49 Class Models Posted This Week.
All paid orders for the 49 Class locomotives have been posted out. We still have a few remaining models and you can check the availability of each number on the 49 Class page. Each model is hand made and has its own numbered builders plate attached to the model.

28 July, 2014

45 Class Painted Samples
These just look awesome! The 45 Class locomotive is going to be a great model if any are left when they arrive! All models are selling fast with only a few of each number left in all Candy liveries available for pre-order. Avoid missing out and get your order in now at the pre-paid price of only $250.00. Visit our 45 Class page for more photos.

 24 June, 2014

86 Class Painted Samples
We have just received our painted samples for the 86 Class Electric Locomotives. You can view our 86 class page or Facebook for more photos.


7 June, 2014

Auscision listens to our customers!
Back in March 2014 we asked our customers which locomotive they wanted out of a NSWGR 43 Class & a 421 Class Locomotive. Our customers screamed 43 Class! so that's what they got!. We quickly tooled up the 43 so that we could have samples on display at this weekends Thornleigh exhibition in Sydney. Production is planned for later in the year with the model being available early 2015. Order forms and web page will be available soon so keep your eyes.

29 May, 2014

X Class (Series 1)
We have just updated our website with the X Class page. Orders are now being taken and order forms can be downloaded from the X Class page. We are offering our early bird pre-paid special again of $250.00 per locomotive. This is an amazing price for a highly detailed locomotive in 2014! You won't see others offer locomotives at these low prices!
Prices for all of our locomotives will soon rise due to factory cost increases so get in early to lock the price down.


27 May, 2014

XPT Price Rise
As mentioned late last year our XPT price is going to rise. The reason for this is we are now offering 2 x power cars (both with motors and all features) with each 7 car set. The dummy power car will no longer be available. Those that have already placed their orders will get the extra power car at no extra cost and your order will remain at the price when placed. For those wishing to order before the price rise you will have until Sunday the 8th of June to get your order in at the $895.00 price. All orders received after the 8th of June will be $1,125.00 per 7 car set. (remember this now includes 2 x powered locos. The XPT is now expected Late 2014/Early 2015. We apologise for the delays with the XPT. This has been caused by a number of things. 1) We had to completely re-draw the entire project due to moving some projects from one of our five factory's a few years back. and 2) We have recently re-engineered the coupler system to now include a swing system that enables the XPT to negotiate 18 inch curves easily. We appreciate your patience with this project and we can ensure you that it will be worth the wait!

13 May, 2014

BRM P Class webpage uploaded!
Our site has just been uploaded with the BRM P Class page along with order forms. BRM is expecting delivery of the P Class late in 2014. Get your orders in early to take advantage of the pre-paid early bird price of $250.00 per locomotive. That's a saving of $45.00 per model. 6 different liveries are available and we expect that the V/Line Pass MK3 will sell out early as per the N Class & N Cars in the same livery.


7 May, 2014

Something for the Victorians!
We have been working on a lot of projects over the past 6 months, hence the lack of blog updates. One of these projects is our very own X Class. Auscision is proud to bring its customers a highly detailed Victorian Series 1 X Class Locomotive. Our model will feature all of Auscisions standard features including: See-through metal etched grilles, working red/white marker lights, detailed bogies with bogie printing & separately applied brake cylinders, cab interior with crew, brass horns, DCC & sound ready, see-through gab between fuel tank & chassis as per the prototype, & detailed staff exchanger. Order forms & webpage will be available soon. Available liveries include: VR Blue/Gold, V/Line, V/Line Freight & Freight Australia.

5 May, 2014

Southern Aurora order forms now available
We have just uploaded the order forms to our website. You can now pre-order and save! We advise ordering as early as possible as we will only be making a small production run. All orders received early will be guaranteed as we will make them to order.


4 May, 2014

WBAX Shipment is on its way!
Last chance to get your WBAX pre-order in at $220.00 per 4 car pack! As soon as they arrive (about a week) the delivery price applies to all orders received and will be $239.95 a pack.

30 April, 2014

AN3 "The Ghan" Back in stock!
We have received some more AN3 models from the factory. if you missed out on the first batch then get in fast before these sell out!

4 March, 2014

The photo says it all!

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