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22 February, 2017

Auscision 2017 Product Update
We have just arrived back after visiting our offices in Hong Kong where we discussed both outstanding and new projects for 2017/2018 with our factory. After travelling to China to check on the factory and see our products in action on the production line it was noted that Chinese factories are still having trouble obtaining workers. It is normally slow at this time of the year as most people take additional time to come back to work after Chinese New Year holidays, but during 2016 we had less workers at the factory at the end of these holidays and we expect less again in 2017. Unfortunately, this is across most of China and all of the factories have the same issue. This will regrettably slow up production of our more complex projects like the 48/830 Class, 442 Class & RUB Passenger Cars. These are all big projects that take nearly 6 months to run through the production line due to the complexity of each model - ie. lots of different liveries, road numbers & body versions. We are trying our best to get each project here as soon as we possibly can and appreciate everyone’s patience. 

Other than that most things are running on schedule and our tooling department is quite busy working on 7 new locomotives, 5 new freight wagons, 3 new containers & some passenger cars all to be announced in 2017. It looks like 2017/2018 is going to be a big 2 years with new products from Auscision.

Below is an outline on each project and current delivery date.

Current Projects

48/830 Class
As mentioned above we have been having a little trouble obtaining workers for the production line - this project is currently our biggest project ever! We need as much production capability as possible to finish the many different versions, liveries, and road numbers for each model. Our factory advises 3rd Quarter 2017 for delivery and are trying their best to pull this in. Because we now have a little bit of extra time up our sleeves Auscision is going to offer everyone that has pre-ordered 48/830 Class models the opportunity to add factory fitted DC/DCC ESU Sound to their models for an additional $100.00. We will be sending out letters to everyone that has 48/830 Class models on order and offering this as a once only chance to add it to your model. It will be important that you read the conditions outlined in the letter as you will only have one chance at adding sound to your order, and once the cut-off date has passed you will no longer be able to add sound to models on your order. Letters will go out in April - please wait until you receive this letter before requesting the sound option.

442 Class
The 442 Class is now expected 3rd Quarter 2017. This has unfortunately been pushed back a little as outlined above.

V Set
While we were at the factory we viewed the V Set on the production line. These are coming along nicely and are expected to leave China late March with delivery in April 2017.

CP Van
Painted samples for the CP Van should be expected soon with delivery set for August 2017.

RUB Cars
RUB Car painted samples are also expected soon with production now expected around 3rd Quarter 2017.

Car Carrier – Balance of Shipment
The balance of the shipment of Car Carriers is expected to arrive in May 2017. As soon as these arrive we will get the balance of pre-orders out to those that are yet to receive them.

Fishbelly Underframe Wagons
The factory is currently working on painted samples which we should receive soon. Production is expected late in 2017.

XGAY Hopper
We are still waiting on tooling samples for the XGAY hopper. A few modifications had to be made so it has pushed it back a little. Delivery now expected 3rd Quarter 2017.

Due to the above complex projects 48/830 & 442 Classes the Tangara has been pushed back until late 2017. Once again we appreciate everyone’s patience with this project. It is definitely still coming and will be a great model when it arrives.

NR Class Locomotive
Just announced is our NR Class locomotive. We have been working on this model behind the scenes for a number of years now so that we can bring to the market the most accurate & highly detailed NR ever! No more running your 20 year old NR, it’s time to upgrade to a 2017 model quality NR. 15 different liveries available including all of the latest Great Southern Rail liveries, Indian Pacific®, The Ghan® & Southern Spirit®.  Available early 2018 with the option of DC/DCC ESU Sound.

2017 Re-Runs (Existing product numbers)

46 Class
We have been working on a re-run of our 46 Class Locomotive and will have Indian Red & Reverse back in stock around late April.

86 Class
86 Class re-run will be available late April. Candy & Bicentennial liveries will be available.

A Class
Upgraded A Class with 21 Pin DCC Socket will be available in April. All liveries except Freight Australia & Freight Victoria are being produced.

73 Class
Upgraded 73 Class with DCC Socket will be available late in 2017. We have added a DCC socket to the PCB for a small decoder. Details of this will be available closer to model release.

GY Open Wagon
Upgraded GY Wagon with new chassis and couplers will be available in June 2017. Order forms are now available for this limited re-run.

2017 Re-Runs (New product numbers)

40 Foot Container
We have a re-run currently in sample stage at the factory for 24 new liveries on our 40 Foot Container. These are expected to arrive later in 2017.

Butter Box Containers
5 new liveries have been applied to the prototypical RV/RH Butter Box Coil Steel Containers since our first production run of the model in 2010. We should have the re-run available late in 2017.

Recent Releases

CF4412 Black Caviar
Our recent release of CF4412 in Black Caviar was quite popular. A very attractive locomotive in real life, also as amazing in model form. Not many remaining so if you haven’t yet got one don’t wait too long.

Edition Resin – PQFY Inline Fuel Wagon
Announced and released the day before we flew out to Hong Kong was our PQFY Inline Fuel Wagon. The first of our new EDITION RESIN series of quality Auscision wagons combined with handmade low volume resin parts. Limited to only 100 of each version. These are now available and stocks are limited.

Auscision Models thanks all of our customers for their support and we look forward to exciting you with many new products in 2017. 

21 February, 2017

Officially Announced - Highly Detailed NR Class Locomotive
Auscision is pleased to finally announce the NR Class locomotive ready to run in HO Scale. Our NR will be the most accurate & highly detailed NR available on the market. We are now taking orders for both DC non-sound & DC/DCC Sound equipped models for delivery early in 2018. Click on the below photo to visit the NR page for further details on liveries and locomotive numbers.

9 February, 2017

SCT Inline Fuel Wagons - Resin Series
Now available in 4 different liveries, HO Scale PQFY Container Wagon with 2 x Fuel Containers. $130.00 each. Only available from Australian Modeller. Containers are hand made from resin. Pre-production photos shown.

23 January, 2017

O Scale 1:43.5 NSWGR 45 Class Locomotive Now Available
Our shipment of O Scale 45 Class arrived last week and we have now posted out all pre-orders. We have a couple of each number remaining in stock. These can be ordered via the 45 Class page. please click on the below photo to go to the page.

18 January, 2017

NDFF Re-Run Just Arrived with New Liveries
Just arrived at Auscision is a re-run of NDFF Ballast Hoppers. We have only re-run the popular versions and have included 2 new liveries. These are available now. Click on the below photos to view the products page. 

16 January, 2017

Available Now! CF4412 Black Caviar (C44ACi) Get yours before they're all gone
Black Caviar is a retired Australian Thoroughbred racehorse undefeated in 25 races. She was named WTRR World Champion Sprinter in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. She was retired on 17 April 2013.

Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia (CFCLA) in keeping with its 'Australian Horsepower' themed fleet have painted CF4412 a $6 Million, 138 tonne C44ACi locomotive in a one-off livery based on Black Caviar's racing colours. Very popular with rail fans this locomotive turned lots of heads when it was officially released on June 7 2013, and has continued to be amongst one of the most photographed and talked about locomotives currently operating in Australia.

Auscision is proud to release CF4412 Black Caviar Ready-to-Run in HO Scale 1;87. Black Caviar will only be available from Auscision Models, Australian Modeller & Train World Pty Ltd and is a Official Licenced Product.

15 January, 2017

New C44ACi Liveries Available
Fletcher FIE Class (3 different numbers) and Mineral Resources MRL Class (2 different numbers) have been added to the list of liveries of our recently released C44ACi locomotives. Only 50 of each number has been made so get yours before its too late.

13 January, 2017

New & improved GY Open Wagon
Currently in production is our popular GY Open Wagon in HO Scale. We have re-tooled the chassis and many other parts to improve the running of the model. Also on the versions with tarp covers we now have 'VR' printed on the tarps. Now accepting orders for delivery in May 2017.


6 January, 2017

NSWGR 45 Class Locomotive Re-Run
Also in transit is a small re-run of our HO Scale NSWGR 45 Class Locomotives in Indian Red, Reverse & Marlboro. These will be available first week in February 2017. If you missed out on our first production run, order now to avoid missing out again. Please note that only 25-30 models will be available in each number. Order forms available here

5 January, 2017

Car Carrier Shipment
Car Carriers are on their way and should arrive in 2 weeks. Pre-order price for all packs will finish on Monday the 9th of January 2017, so get your orders in ASAP.

 Unfortunately the 2 Car Packs (NCC-5, 6 & 7) have been short supplied so we will be unable to post out all pre-orders. At this stage we will be filling orders from date received until we run out of the 2 Car Packs. The balance of 2 Car Packs should arrive in April so we will get the rest of the pre-orders out as soon as they arrive. If you ordered both 2 & 4 Car Packs we will send out what we have available in this shipment with missing items being delivered to you in a 2nd parcel around April. (Notification of missing items will be sent out to each customer later this month)

No need to worry as you won't miss out on the packs you have pre-ordered. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

MotoRail Car Carrier shown below with cars fitted. Cars available separately from Australian Modeller

2 January, 2017

Advertising U & T Van Re-Run
Currently in transit is a small re-run of our popular Advertising U & T Vans in HO Scale. These will be available first week in February 2017. Order now to avoid missing out. Order form available by clicking here

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