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30 December, 2009

NSW HO Scale CTC Signals
- Straight from our Factories in China! Latest photos of our 1st tooling samples for our upcoming HO Scale Signals.

8 December, 2009

GJF/VHGF Steel Grain Hopper (201-350 series)
- We are celebrating Christmas early at Auscision with yet another parcel arriving with more new goodies to show off to all our customers.

Latest painted samples for out GJF Grain Hoppers. This series will include metal etch roof walks which look fantastic! as you can see for yourself in the below photos.

GJF/VHGF will be available early 2010. Click here to order! Don't leave your order to the last minute! remember what happened to the 1st series GJX hopper we produced. All the Large VR packs sold out before the ship arrived!


7 December, 2009

RH & RV Coil Steel Containers
- We have just received our painted samples of our HO Scale 'Butter Box' Coil Steel Containers. these will be available in twin packs with 4 different liveries to choose from. Get your order in fast before they sell out!

Expected to be available early 2010. Click here to view the RH/RV Container page.

6 December, 2009

KLY/NLKY Louvered Van
- Latest painted samples of our HO Scale NSWGR KLY/NLKY Louvered Van have just arrived from China. We are expecting these to be available sometime in the 1st quarter of 2010. Click here to order! We don't need to tell you how good the detail is on this model as you all know its going to be absolutely brilliant! What more would you expect from Auscision!

5 December, 2009

ABFX Louvered Van
- Artwork is almost complete for our ABFX Louvered Van project. The ABFX will be available in 4 car packs with the following 4 liveries: Commonwealth Railways (Maroon), Australian National Railways (Maroon), ANR (Maroon) & Australian National (Green/Yellow). More details and prices will be available soon.

4 December, 2009

CQBY/PRRY/RQHY Container Wagons
- Our shipment of container wagons have arrived in Sydney! We will be posting out all fully paid pre-orders next week. Anyone who wants to order some of these wagons should get their orders in fast as some liveries have already sold out and there are minimal quantities of the rest remaining.

3 December, 2009

Weathered EL Class Locomotive
- We thought we would show off another beautifully weathered Auscision product. EL54 in CFCLA livery weathered by Justin Moy.

8 November, 2009

NSWGR NDFF Ballast Hopper
- Selling fast! Pack 1 & 2 of our NDFF Ballast Hoppers have already sold out even before delivery! If you are interested in modelling a NSW Ballast train I would suggest placing your order soon before they are all sold out. We are only making 100 packs of each version so don't leave it too late. Click here to view order form. Please note they will rise in price to $239.95 once they arrive.
The NDFF are expected to arrive before Christmas.

7 November, 2009

NSW HO Scale CTC Signals
- We have completed the engineering drawings for our new HO Scale NSW CTC Signals. These will feature True Scale height, 3 micro LED,s, Metal Etch Ladder & parts, Plastic signal head, pole & mounting base.
Our 1st production will include:
- Home Starter signal (Both tall version for main line & shorter version for loop).
- Distance signal.
Each signal will include a manual switch housed inside a scale CTC Hut. These can be installed on any layout with the switch operating the colour of the signal. Those who want to wire the signals into their layouts operation can do so and also include the CTC hut on their layout as part of the scene.
Price and delivery date is yet to be determined but we will keep you posted. Sample photos should be available early 2010.


6 November, 2009

HO Scale AN Class Locomotive
- Latest CAD Drawings for our upcoming AN Class Locomotive.

4 November, 2009

Victorian B Class Locomotives
- They are here!
We will be posting out all fully paid B class orders this week. (excluding B65 which will be available late November) We are giving everyone until Sunday 7th to get any orders for the B class in to receive them at the original price of $255-265.00.
any orders received after Sunday will be $295.00 each.

4 November, 2009

Victorian N Passenger Cars (ACN, BN & BRN Classes)
A few people were getting a little too excited over our posted image of our upcoming N car range so we thought we would share 3 more images to raise the temperature a little further!


2 November, 2009

South Australian AHGX Grain Hopper
Drawings are finally underway for our HO Scale SA AHGX Grain Hopper.
These will be highly detailed with metal etch roof walks, detailed brake equipment & underframe.
4 different body versions will be offered. release date will be advised closer to production.

31 October, 2009

Victorian N Passenger Cars (ACN, BN & BRN Classes)
Check out the detail! We thought we might share one image of our CAD drawings for the upcoming N Passenger Car series.
These cars will include real metal chain for the handbrake & Full interior detail including luggage racks & curtains!
Details will be available soon. Keep an eye out for the N Car page soon to be added to our website once we finalise packs and numbers.

30 October, 2009

Website Update.
The following pages have been updated with photos and order forms.

  • E Passenger Cars

  • U-T-KMQ 4 Wheel Wagons

  • B Class Locomotive

  • NDFF Ballast Hopper

  • CQBY Container Wagon

  • RV-RH Butter Box Steel Coil Containers

29 October, 2009

B Class Arrive in Sydney!
Today our 2nd shipment of Victorian B Class locomotives arrived at Port Botany. All fully paid orders will be posted out next week. We have updated the B class page with some photos of the models.

Please note from Monday 2nd of November all B Class models will be $295.00 each (inc Postage) for all new orders.

28 October, 2009

HO Scale Tree Shipment About to Depart China!
Our shipment of HO Scale Ready to Place Australian Gum Trees are about to Depart China. We will keep you posted and let you know the arrival date when it comes to hand.
We will update our website with a page on our new range of trees once they arrive.

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