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9 November, 2012

422 Class Samples
Today we received our 422 class built up samples and they look fantastic! We definitely cannot wait for these models to arrive. A few corrections to be made during the production (like correcting the fan colour on the indian red versions) but all very minor. Delivery still expected early 2013. Pre order price will end soon, so if you haven't ordered yet we advise doing so quickly.

2 November, 2012

NSW Grain Silos Arrive!
Our shipment of NSW S008, S016 & S024 Grain Silos have arrived and are now in stock. All pre orders were posted today. Please note that we only have about 12 S008 silos remaining so if you want a small silo you had better get your order in quick!

31 October, 2012

Walker Painted Samples
Today we received our 280HP Walker painted & built up samples. A couple of corrections required and then production will start. The factory has advised that the production will be completed in December and will be shipped out on or around the 31st.


24 October, 2012

86 Class Locomotive
Details of our 86 Class project are now on our website.

20 October, 2012

36' Fishbelly Underframe.
This wagon will include 7 different body versions ranging from Coil Steel Wagon to Cement Wagons. As this is quite an expensive project we will release it sometime in the future. Further details will be posted on our website soon.

9 October, 2012

C43/C44ACi Locomotives
The announced locomotive at the Liverpool show was the UGL C43/C44ACi Series of locomotives. shown below are 4 out of the more than 7 liveries that will be available on this locomotive. Production will take place in 2013 and details will be posted on our website soon.

24 September, 2012

Latest Update
We have received samples of our next locomotive project and it will be announced next weekend at the AMRA Sydney Model Railway Exhibition. The locomotive class runs in all Australian States/Territories with the exception of Tasmania & the ACT. With over 350 separately applied parts this is going to be our most detailed Ready-to-Run locomotive yet!

Samples of our 46 Class, WBAX & BLX Louvered Vans will also be on display at the show.

Unfortunately we are still waiting for our factory to finish both the 422 & 73 Class Locomotives so delivery is now expected late 2012. These delays are out of our control. We try our best to get our models here as quickly as possible, but there is always one or two that just take that little bit longer to get right. We appreciate everyone's patience.

23 September, 2012

46 Class Info
Information regarding our 46 Class Locomotive is now available from our website. Please note that advanced orders will be available closer to delivery.

22 September, 2012

Product Announcements
Well its Victorian again! Our next wagon project will be the BLX Louvered Van. Samples have been received and will be on display at next weekends Liverpool show. Advanced orders will be available closer to delivery.


20 August, 2012

Latest Auscision Adverts
Below is a preview of our latest 2 adverts which will appear in the October 2012 AMRM.


10 August, 2012

Fine Scale RP25-88 Wheels
Auscision's range of Fine Scale wheels will be available soon. 2 different diameter wheels will be available in 3 popular axle lengths. All Auscision wagons from mid 2012 will have 25mm axle lengths as standard so anyone that wishes to fit fine scale wheels can do so with our 25mm wheels. Our models will continue to come with RP25-110 wheels and the RP25-88 will only be available separately as part of our spare parts range.

8 August, 2012

Storage Boxes Back In Stock!
Our popular Gold & Silver storage boxes are back in stock. We will have plenty of stock at the Caulfield Show in a few weeks or alternatively they are available form our website.

15 July, 2012

Its a Tangara!
No one guessed that we would produce a Tangara. Its something we have been slowly working on for a number of years. More details will be added to our website in the coming months.

14 July, 2012

AM Weathering
We have added some new images to our weathered models page. Click the below photo to see the page.

11 July, 2012

86 Class Locomotive Drawings
Last week we received the drawings for the 86 Class Locomotive. Drawing modifications will take place over the next couple of months before we start on the tooling.
Loco numbers and livery details will be on our website soon. Sorry guys, pre-orders won't be available until the model is closer to delivery.

4 July, 2012

SA AHGX Grain Hoppers
We just received the production samples for the AHGX Grain Hoppers. Production will be finished in the next 2 weeks with shipment out of China at the end of July.

30 June, 2012

NGTY Are Here!
We forgot to mention that our shipment of NGTY Hoppers arrived at the end of June. All pre orders were posted out the same day the shipment arrived and the remainder of the stock is available from our website. Order Now!

2 May, 2012

Production samples have been received for the NGTY/NGGF Hoppers. The shipment for these models will depart China this month. Get your orders in to avoid missing out on the livery of your choice.

12 April, 2012

Victorian JQF Bogie Hopper
Order forms and pack information are now available from our website. Please visit the JQF page for further info.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Photo By: Rob O'Regan

2 April, 2012

Auscision Advertises In Online Magazine!
We have placed an advert in Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine. This is a free online magazine that can be downloaded from the MRH website. Download it and have a look. Its a great magazine that we download and read ourselves monthly.

31 March, 2012

Factory Weathered BRM T Class
BRM have just supplied us with some factory weathered T Class locomotives. There are only 20 of each number available weathered so get your orders in to avoid missing out. Weathered versions can be ordered online from the BRM T Class page.

30 March, 2012

AN Class Locomotive Tooling Samples
This week we received our first tooling sample of the AN Class Locomotive. This model will feature a wireless body like used with our 422 class and will have space for 2 speakers and a 21 pin decoder making it sound ready. The sample will be on display at the Hobson's Bay show over Easter.

29 March, 2012

BP Vans Arrive
Our BP Van shipment has arrived and all paid pre orders have been sent out. If you don't receive your order by the end of next week you may need to contact us regarding payment. We will have stock of most packs available at the Hobson's Bay show over the Easter weekend but anyone that wants the WCR version should order it online as we don't have many in stock and they may not last until the show.

22 March, 2012

BRM T Class Delivery Update
Due to the high demand for the T Class, orders may take up to 10 days to arrive. All orders placed before 10/4/12 will be processed so that the special price of $250.00 is applied. Those customers that placed orders for T320, T321, T323, T333, T341 & T413 at the Sandown show and have not received their orders will do so late next week. We unexpectedly over sold our warehouse stock on these 6 numbers and BRM has guaranteed us more stock early next week. This should only affect a small number of customers and we apologise for the delay.

18 March, 2012

Grain Silo Painted Samples
We have received painted samples of the Grain Silo structures. Once we approve these the models should be in production and delivered in the next couple of months.

17 March, 2012

KHIAC Models O Scale 1:43.5 Brass 44 Class Locomotive
KHIAC has been making models under contract for a number of railway companies for the past 2 years solely for display purpose in corporate offices and as customer gifts. They are proud to release 100 models of the NSWGR 44 Class locomotive to the O Scale modelling scene. Auscision Models has a limited number of models available. Over 50 models have already been sold and the remainder are available from the Auscision website. KHIAC is a very unique name. It was originated from the sound a 44 class makes under idle. "Khiac, khiac". As most of the models KHIAC has made were Alco locomotives the name was quickly adopted.

14 March, 2012

BRM T Class Locomotive
Limited numbers are still available of BRM's Flat Top T Class Locomotive. Be quick to avoid missing out!

8 March, 2012

2012 Sandown Show
Auscision Models is excited to finally announce that we have been appointed by Bendigo Rail Models to be their exclusive distributor of current products and future releases. BRM is a new manufacturer of Australian HO Scale model railway products and has been working behind the scene since 2009.

BRM's first model release will be available at this weekend’s Sandown show, we can tell you that it is a HO scale locomotive but cannot tell you which one. :-)

Those that attend the show will be able to purchase the model from our Auscision stand. When we return from Victoria next week we will update our website with further information on BRM along with order forms and product information on the unannounced model. We look forward to seeing all of our customers at the show and wish great success for BRM with their first release.


                                                                                                                                                                                              2011 Auscision Stand

26 February, 2012

2012 China Trip
On the 9th of February Jeff and I departed Sydney for Hong Kong for our annual trip to visit Auscision's 5 factories in China to discuss current and future projects. We had a very successful and positive trip with no news of major price rises or factory closures with any of the 5 Auscision factory's. Below I have outlined some of the information received on various models and the latest production dates on most of our outstanding models.


73 Class While in China we viewed the final production samples of the 73 Class Locomotives, they looked very nice and the factory has done a great job. Now that all of the painting issues have been corrected production will now take place in May. We know that this is a few months longer than we planned but the factory has been really busy with other customers and everyone has shared the delays.

422 Class The painted samples of the 422 class locomotive have been approved and production will take place in May. Our factory is trying to pull this date in and I will keep everyone posted if it becomes earlier. We cannot wait for the 422 to be delivered as its now our longest running project ever! A little embarrassing but we are trying our best to get it here as soon as possible and it will be a great model with all of the latest Auscision features.

AHGX We viewed the painted samples of the AHGX Grain Hopper while in China and approved them then and there. The factory had done a great job on the samples. We will post some images once they send us the samples. Production is planned for mid year.

BP Van The Victorian BP Box Van models were being produced while we were at the factory. The finished models should be leaving for Sydney sometime in March.

N Pass Cars We spent several hours with the design engineers trying to fix a few issues we found with the N Passenger Car samples. First problem was the size of the windows. The factory drew the windows 0.8mm larger than they should have been and we overlooked it on the final drawings. It was only picked up on the first tooling samples and had to be corrected (at great cost). The second problem was that the cars wouldn't run around 24 inch curves. We have had to modify some of the details on the bogies and move the coupler box out slightly so that the cars will run around 24 inch radius curves with the standard Auscision metal coupler. We have also designed a longer coupler that will be supplied with each pack that the customer can fit if they require the cars to run around 18 inch curves. With the long coupler fitted it will increases the gap between the cars but that's what you get when you only have room for tight curves. The windows and coupler box positions are currently being re-tooled and new samples will be available around April/May. Due to these issues delivery will not take place until late 2012 which is still within our advertised timeframe.

NGTY The NGTY Grain Hopper painted samples were also approved in China and production will take place mid year.

NHRH When we arrived at the factory the guys had samples of our NHRH Coal Hoppers sitting on the meeting table along with an ice cold Coke. I went for the Coke while Jeff went for the samples. After finishing my Coke I had a quick look at the samples and nearly fell off my chair!. The NHRH is my favourite wagon and when I finally saw a model of it in HO it was like Christmas for a 5 year old. With scale size drawbars and internal details this is going to be one great model. I have a complete 7 car pack running around our test track going through all our testing procedures before we approve the samples. A couple of small items that need fixing but nothing too major. As the artwork is already completed production is planned for very very late 2012.

Grain Silos We talked about the production of the Grain Silos with the factory and production should take place around April. We apologise for the delays we this model. They are due to us making changes to the samples i.e. removing the moulded on track and making enough clearance between the track bed and discharge chute so that our customer can add their own choice of track. Painted samples will be available soon and we will post photos as soon as they come to hand.

Walker Railcar Big modifications were required to our walker samples and we spent half the day discussing them with the factory. A complete new bogie had to be tooled without side frames on it so that the model could negotiate 18 inch curves. As most of the side frame is hidden behind the side of the body you cannot see much of it anyway. Each model will come with this bogie fitted, while the detailed bogie with side frames will be supplied in the box for the customer that keeps the models in their display cabinet or whom has very large curves. The optional bogie can be snap fitted but requires the power pick up wires to be soldered into place. We have also made the model 3 single units for ease of placing on the track, whereas before it was one single piece. Production is now planned for late 2012 with painted samples expected mid year.

XPT Well this has become our biggest project ever! When we started on the XPT several years ago we thought it would be quite a simple project with just one loco and a few passenger cars, but no its a lot more complicated than that! While at the factory we viewed the final drawings and they looked pretty good. We have had to draw the complete XPT twice and this has caused a lot of delays. Due to this the XPT cannot be delivered in 2012 but the factory is promising early 2013 for delivery. We will keep the XPT as our 1st priority and try everything we can to get it here earlier.


AOOX & ABFX As most of you are aware our AOOX & ABFX wagons are now available and all that have ordered them would have received their models by now. Mel & Jamie did a great job of posting out all orders while I was away. Don't forget to order your loads for the AOOX Open Wagons!

AN Class Tooling samples of the AN Class Locomotive should be available in March. We will post images on our Blog once they are received. Production is still planned for 2013.

While we were in China Jeff & I viewed tooling samples of 3 new unannounced loco/wagon projects that will be delivered this year. Keep your eye out for the Auscision stand at future shows as we might just have something new and exciting available at the show. Drawings for the 86 Class Locomotive are now complete along with the design drawings for 22 other new future Auscision loco/wagon releases.

                                                                      Charlie showing me the latest tooling sample of one of our unannounced projects

Peter Wilks
Auscision Models

25 February, 2012

Weathered CSX Photos
Our Weathering page has been updated with some photos of our CSX nicely weathered by Justin. Click the below photo to see more.

8 February, 2012

ABFX & AOOX Wagons
Our shipment of ABFX & AOOX wagons will arrive at our warehouse on Friday. We are off to China tomorrow so we have updated our website so that these wagons can be ordered while we are away. We will be unable to update our website while in China. Mel will be at the warehouse next week to pack and dispatch all pre orders on Tuesday. All online orders for these wagons will be sent towards the end of next week.

24 January, 2012

Retail Price & Stock List
We now have a complete stock list available for download from our website. This list shows all available Auscision products and lists their stock status. We will try our best to update the list when items are out of stock and ensure that the latest version is on our website. The stock list will be officially added to our Order Page in February so if you are looking for the link you will find it there. Anyone that wishes to use this form for ordering our products may do so by either faxing or posting the form with your payment and delivery details completed at the bottom.

Auscision Models Retail Price List


19 January, 2012

Western Australian WBAX Box Van
Auscision is slowly getting around to all the Australian states! Late last year we received the drawings for our next wagon project, the WBAX. Tooling will commence early in 2012 and a release date will be announced closer to the model being available. keep your eye on our products page over the next few months as we will update it with details on the liveries and packs that we plan to produce. Both the flat & curved roof vans will be available.

17 January, 2012

73 Class Locomotive
Final production samples have been received for the 73 Class Locomotive so we are now waiting for a production slot at the factory. As this time of the year is very busy in China due to CNY holidays we wont know an exact release date for the 73 until the factories return to work. We will keep you posted.

9 January, 2012

BP Box Vans
Over the Christmas break we received production samples of our BP/BMX Box Vans. Once again our factory has done a fantastic job on these wagons with opening doors, superb detailing and 2 new bogies to add to our spare parts range. They advise that shipment will be available around March/April. The 2 new bogies will also be available then.


8 January, 2012

Open Wagon Loads
We have been working on producing loads for our AOOX Open Wagons and have come up with 4 different prototypical loads that the AOOX wagons commonly carried throughout their life. These will be available in February/March when we receive our shipment of AOOX Open Wagons & ABFX Louvered Vans. Details of available packs and colours will be on our website once they are in stock. Online ordering will also be available upon their arrival. Keep your eyes out!

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