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27 December, 2013

Auscision End of Year Sale! 20% off all In stock products!
We are having an end of year sale and offering 20% off all in stock products via our online store to all of our Australian customers until New Years Eve.
Please note: The discount code must be entered correctly to receive the offer. Click on the below image for further information and ordering instructions.


20 December, 2013

VLX/BLX Production Samples arrive
Today we received our production samples for the VLX/BLX Vans. The models are currently in production and are expected early in 2014. Don't forget to get your order in to receive a free "Railex" wagon valued at $60.00.



12 December, 2013

GL Class Locomotive Drawings
We thought that we would share something that we have been working on for a while now. Enjoy!

7 December, 2013

45 Class Locomotive order forms
Order forms for the 45 Class Locomotive are now available from our website. Don't forget to take advantage of our pre-order prices if paying in full. You can get a 45 class for only $250.00!! That's a saving of $45.00 off the after delivery price of $295.00. This price is only available to customers ordering directly through Auscision.


23 November, 2013

L Class Electric Locomotive
Tooling samples have been received for our Victorian L Class locomotive. Order forms will be available from our website next week. The model is still planned for a 2014 release.


22 November, 2013

Latest Tooling Samples
We thought we would share some photos of our latest 45 Class, 86 Class, 46 Class and XP Locomotive tooling samples. This week we are expecting to receive samples of 3 more locomotives. 2 of them are still unannounced and will be a future announcement/release. 

16 November, 2013

NSW V Set Drawings
Beautiful! Its all we can say!

15 November, 2013

All 20 & 40 Foot Containers Back in Stock
We have re-run all of our sold out 20 & 40 foot containers. All liveries are now back in stock including the popular Toll, SCT, Royal Wolf & TNT containers. Visit the 20 & 40 foot pages on our website for further information.

8 October, 2013

Auscision Closed Until 1st of November 2013
We will be closed from today until the 1st of November 2013. All emails & phone messages will be answered once we return. If you need to contact us for an urgent or important matter please contact Mel via email at “”  All Online orders & posted mail orders will still be processed & posted while we are away.

 7 October, 2013

Victorian VLX Louvred Vans
A model that we were going to make a surprise release later this year was the VLX version of our Victorian box van series. Due to circumstances out of our control we have been forced to announce this wagon now! The VLX along with our BLX vans are currently in production and will be available soon. Orders forms for these will be available next week. Remember to pre-order and pay for these now to receive them at the special price of $220.00 for a 4 car pack. (That's $55.00 each wagon!)

28 September, 2013

AN Locos & NHRH Coal Hoppers Arrive!
Our container load of AN Locos & NHRH Coal Hoppers arrived today and we have been busy unloading the container and packing orders for dispatch on Monday morning. All customers that have paid for their orders will receive them next week. Those that haven't paid we advise doing so early next week as we will be closed for the month of October and will be unable to answer phone calls & emails until early in November.

We look forward to seeing plenty of ANs & NHRH Hoppers running around layouts at next weekends Liverpool show.

An unannounced Pacific National number is now available "AN7" this can be ordered from our AN page and will also be available at the show. Please note that the NHRH Hoppers are getting very low. We only made a small production of these models so don't wait to get yours as it will be too late! Also we still have a small number of AN3 in The Ghan livery available. We were able to tap a few extra models onto the production run at the very last minute, but these wont last long and will all be gone by the end of the Liverpool show so HURRY!!!!

12 September, 2013

Auscision The Leader in Australian Electrics!
It all started
with the 46 then we announced the 86, L, Tangara & now the V Set! You had better start installing your overhead wiring! Further information on the V Sets will be available later in the year.


31 August, 2013

O Scale 49 Class Update
There are only 36 x O Scale 49 Class Locomotives left available for pre-order. Once we reach 100 units we cannot accept any more orders. Be quick!

30 August, 2013

AN Class Locomotive Parts Layout
We just thought we would show you how many parts go into each AN Class locomotive. Each and every part is prepared and assembled by hand at the Auscision factory in China.


27 August, 2013

O Scale (1:43.5) NSWGR 49 Class Locomotive
Advanced orders are now open for our O Scale 49 Class Locomotive. If you wish to order an O Scale 49 Class we advise doing so quickly as we don't expect them to last very long. Only 100 models are being made and some liveries will have as little as 5 units produced for each number. Once these are gone there will be no more available. Samples will be on display at this years AMRA Sydney Model Railway Exhibition at Liverpool. Check out the 49 Class page for more information.

20 August, 2013

New Products At This Weekends Caulfield Show
Don't forget to save your money for this weekends Caulfield show! We will have lots of new Victorian products available including our 280HP Walker Rail Cars, N Passenger Sets, GH/RY 4 Wheel Wagons & JQF Hoppers. We will also have the 5 unannounced wagons available at the show along with Bendigo Rail Models re-run of their Series 1 T Class locomotive. Please note that a number of GH/RY, N Cars & JQF hoppers have already sold out and the rest are starting to get very low, so order quickly or pick some up at the show before they are all gone! We will update our website with the sold out items when we return from the show.

5 August, 2013

The Ghan AN Class Locomotive
There are less than 30 x AN3 Ghan models available for pre-order! With these arriving next month we advise ordering now to avoid missing out!

1 August, 2013

280 HP Walker Rail Cars
The Walkers arrived today and we had a busy day packing and posting all paid orders. Expect to see them early next week. Please contact us if you don't receive your order by the end of next week. If you haven't paid please contact us to do so. Next to arrive in about a week is the GH/RY Hoppers along with the "J" series Victorian Hoppers.

24 July, 2013

N Passenger Cars
N Pass Cars are getting very low! We only have 100 packs of N Cars remaining in stock. Some sets are down to as low as 8 packs (VPS-5, 14, & 15) and only 4 packs of VPS-16 remain. Order online to get yours before its too late!

12 July, 2013

Auscision Deliveries
As most of you would know by now our N Passenger cars have arrived and been dispatched to all paid customers. We are now getting very low on most of the remaining sets so if you haven't ordered yet we advise doing so before they are all sold out!

The Walkers are currently on the water and should turn up in the next 10 days. We will be posting these out as soon as they arrive. Also our GH/RY Hoppers are about to leave China so get your orders in to so that you can get them at the pre-order price of $220.00 per pack.

 27 June, 2013

UGL C43/C44aci Locomotives
We have just uploaded our webpage for the C43/C44aci Locomotives. Pre orders are now available and order forms can be found on the C43/44 page. Take advantage of our pre-paid price of $250.00 per locomotive (normally $295.00) as this price won't last forever with costs rising in China and the Australian Dollar dropping quickly.

27 May, 2013

NSW & VR Southern Aurora® Passenger Set
They just keep coming and coming! For those that didn't guess it on Facebook the photo we showed with a weathered L7 on a steel body was a photo of an PHN Power Van from the Southern Aurora® passenger set. Set details have been uploaded to our website & delivery date, price & order forms will be announced at a later date. Click the below image to see the Southern Aurora® Page.

3 May, 2013

NSWGR 45 Class Locomotive
Another project that we have been quietly working on behind the scenes at Auscision. To be released in the near future with further details, liveries & numbers coming soon.

2 May, 2013

Victorian L Class Electric.
How could we start to produce electric locomotives and leave the Victorians out! The L Class will be a future release from Auscision. Check out the L Class page for further details.

16 April, 2013

More Production Samples
Its like Christmas at Auscision! More and more production samples than ever! We have recently received production samples of our JQF Hopper & GH-RY Wagons. More photos can be seen on their product pages. Please note the pre-order price cut off date for some models will end shortly before the models are dispatched from China. If you wish to order at the discounted price we advise ordering sooner rather than later.

The factory has advised that the following models will be delivered between now and October: N Passenger Cars, Walker Rail Car, JQF Hopper, GH-RY Wagon, NHRH Coal Hopper & AN Class Locomotive.

4 April, 2013

AN Class Locomotive Production Samples
We have received our production samples of the AN Class locomotive. AN3 is starting to get low. This model will be very popular so to avoid missing out you should place your order soon. Remember how quickly some numbers sold out of our recent 422 & 73 class releases.

23 March, 2013

New Locomotive Twin Pack Combinations
A limited number of new twin pack combinations have been added to our range. Check out our locomotive twin pack page for details.

22 March, 2013

NHRH Coal Hopper Painted Samples
We have received the painted samples for our NHRH Coal Hoppers. View the NHRH page for more photos or click on the below image.

3 March, 2013

UGL C43/44aci & NSWGR 46 Class Electric Locomotive Samples
For those that were lucky enough to attend the Liverpool show in October last year, you would have already seen the samples of our C43/44aci & 46 Class locomotives along with a few others that were on display at our stand. Here are the photos for those that couldn't attend the show. We will have the samples on display at next weekends Sandown show in Melbourne.

24 February, 2013

422 Class Are Here!
The 422 Class Locomotives have finally arrived! our longest project ever is now here! This weekend we will have all pre-orders packed ready for posting on Monday. Please note that the delivery price is now $295.00 and no orders will be accepted at the pre-order price. We feel that everyone has had plenty of time to get an order in. A few numbers have already sold out with more getting very low. 42201, 42205, 42218, 42209 & 42211 are on the very low list.

23 February, 2013

GT46C-ACe Tooling Samples
We forgot to show you the samples of our GT46C-ACe locomotive. These have been sitting at Auscision's Hong Kong office for a few months so we thought we had better post a photo.

1 February, 2013

Something we have been working on for a few years now. The NSWGR RUB Passenger Cars. We have produced a couple of passenger sets for our Victorian customers so we thought it was time to make something for the NSW guys. Release dates and model information are still TBA, but what we can tell you is that the models will have green effect windows and there are 20 different body versions being produced to cover ever era from the original Venetian Red & Russet all the way through to the Candy livery.

29 January, 2013

42220 Sold Out
NSWGR 42220 Super Series has sold out before it even arrives! Unfortunately we cannot accept any further orders for this unit. The following units are getting very low, Bicentennial 42218, Candy 42213 & 42215 along with Tuscan 42201 & 42205. Get your order in to avoid missing out.

25 January, 2013

New Model Announcement for 2013
We have been busy working on lots of new projects behind the scenes at Auscision. To be announced at a later date is the below model or models. Could it be NSW, Victorian or South Australian? A locomotive, railmotor, freight or passenger car? All we can tell you is its HO Scale, Australian and will be ready to run. :-)

24 January, 2013

73 Class DCC
We have removed a body from our 73 Class to show the available room to fit a DCC decoder for those running DCC. Unfortunately a DCC plug could not be fitted at the factory due to limited space available. We recommend hard wiring a standard decoder in place of the factory PCB. We are sorry for the inconvenience but some things are just not possible.

23 January, 2013

422 Class Locomotive
The long wait is nearly over! Our 422 Class locomotives will depart China on the 5th of February. We expect them to be available 2-3 weeks from then. Please note that our pre-delivery price of $275.00 will end the day the ship arrives in Sydney. The after delivery price will be $295.00 per model. Place your order now to avoid the higher price. Any order received after the 422 Class delivery will be subject to the after delivery price.

18 January, 2013

73 Class Shipment Samples
Today we received the shipment samples for our 73 Class locomotive. Our factory advises that the shipment of 73s will leave China at the end of January.
We have updated the 73 class page with photos of every number. Please note that 7305 has sold out before delivery and some of the other numbers are starting to get low. Get your order in now to avoid missing out on other numbers.

1 January, 2013

New Order Forms Available Online
Order forms and pre-orders are now available for the 46 & 86 class electric locomotives, GT46C-ACe locomotive, GH & RY 4 wheel wagons, BLX & WBAX louvered vans & Tangara passenger train. Auscision will now only release order forms once tooling samples have been received for that particular model, this ensures a faster turnaround time as it shows that the project is more than 80% complete.

Please note: Auscision no longer accepts part payments on orders. If paying a deposit the balance is due in a once off payment shortly before the model arrives. (Auscision will contact you by mail when this is required). We now offer a pre-paid option on all new pre-orders, this entitles you to a discount when paying in full at time of placing your pre-order. Details are on the back of each new order form for the above mentioned models. This option is available for Auscision Models direct customers only.


EDI GT46C-ACe Locomotive
Ok so we are doing them both!. How could we make the C44aci without making the GT46C-ACe. This is another project Auscision has been quietly working on behind the scenes for the last 3 years. Drawings were started back in 2009 with tooling completed in 2011 and samples received in September of 2012.

We have uploaded the GT46C-ACe page along with order forms for this model. Please take advantage of our new pre-paid discount scheme as this model should really retail for around $350.00. We are making it available for $295.00 but if you take advantage of our pre-paid offer you can lock your order in for as little as $250.00 per locomotive. Now that's a crazy price! Try and beat that with a newly tooled locomotive.

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