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15 November, 2015

Australian Modeller
We are proud to finally announce that our retail store "Australian Modeller" is finally finished and will open on Saturday the 28th of November. There will be specials and plenty of sold out/unavailable models from various manufactures available at the Grand Opening, along with a free sausage sizzle and cold drinks around midday. Our goal is to provide Australian outline model railway products to all of our customers at affordable prices. If we don't have an "Australian outline" item in stock, let us know and we will have it in stock the next time you visit. We have also been working on an online store which will launch early in 2016 and will provide all of the products we sell in store to our customers by mail order.  We look forward to seeing everyone that can make it on the day. Australian Modeller Unit 68/45 Powers Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147. Visit our retailers page for further information.



11 October, 2015

NSWGR 43 Class Locomotive & NLDF Newsprint Van
Our shipment of NSWGR 43 Class Locomotives & NLDF Newsprint Vans arrive on the 22nd of October. As we will be away until the 2nd of November we have prepared all orders for posting as soon as we return. Orders received after the 22/10/15 will be charged at the after delivery price so get your order in before they arrive to save.

7 October, 2015

XPT Running on Binalong
Quick video of our Candy XPT Passenger Set running on Binalong at this years Sydney Model Railway Exhibition. XPTs are now in stock and available from our online store.

Auscision XPT Running on Binalong

Auscision Models SRA Candy XPT running around on Binalong at this years Sydney Model Railway Exhibition.

Posted by Auscision Models on Monday, October 5, 2015

6 October, 2015

Going on Holidays
Auscision will be closed from the 10th of October until the 2nd of November as we will be in the USA on our annual holiday. Unfortunately emails, orders and phone calls will be unavailable during this time. Any emails/orders received while we are away will be attended to once we return. Anyone that wants an order posted before we leave must have their order in by midnight Thursday the 8th of October.

3 October, 2015

Sydney 2000 XP Class Locomotive
XPT-16 Now available. SRA CountryLink Sydney 2000 livery. Get yours now from the Auscision stand at the Sydney Model Railway Exhibition, or order yours online from the Auscision store.

1 October, 2015

JLX, NKQX & SQKF Painted Samples
Check out the underframe detail on our Slab Steel Wagons. You will need to have a major derailment to enjoy this level of detail.


29 September, 2015

Latest Sample Photos
Car Carrier & V Set first tooling samples. These samples will be on display at this weekends Sydney Model Railway Exhibition in Liverpool.

20 September, 2015

XPT Arrives
Our NSW XPT Passenger Trains have arrived in Sydney. All orders are currently being packed and will be posted out on Wednesday. 2 Unannounced XP Power Car liveries are now available to order from our website. Both these versions have been made in limited quantities so order now to avoid missing out.

13 August, 2015

NSW V Set order forms online
Order forms for the V Set have just been uploaded to our website along with the V Set page. Samples are expected to arrive just in time for the 2015 Sydney Model Railway Exhibition at Liverpool in October and will be on display at our stand. Please take advantage of our pre-order prices and lock your order in now and save.

6 August, 2015

NSW 421 Class Locomotives arrive!
We have been busy the last 2 days packing 421 orders. August is going to be a busy month as we have 2 models to ship out along with 2 exhibitions. Our 421s are getting low so if you want one before they sell out at these 2 exhibitions i suggest ordering one online ASAP.

18 June, 2015

NODY Order Forms now available
Click on the below order forms to download.


17 June, 2015

The Many Faces of the NODY Wagon
All of the artworks for the NODY wagon have been finished and can be seen below. We received samples for this project a few weeks ago. Order forms will be available in the coming days along with all the web details on each version. The NODY wagons are expected to arrive early in 2016.

16 June, 2015

Cut Away Valance T Class Locomotive Order Forms
We are now taking orders for the BRM Cut Away T Class Locomotives. These are currently in production and expected to arrive in November 2015. Get your orders in before they are all gone. Pre-order pricing is available for the next few months.


13 June, 2015

P Class & Storage Box Shipment
BRM P Class Locomotives will be here in 2 weeks. The pre-order price will end next week. Get your orders in and save! The popular V/Line Pass MK3 livery is selling fast and not expected to last long once they arrive. More stock of our gold, silver and new locomotive storage boxes will also arrive with the P class shipment.

12 June, 2015

T Class Painted Samples
Painted samples arrived for the BRM T Class Locomotive with Cut Away Valance.

29 May, 2015

Indian Red 421s Sold Out!
421-1, 421-3 & 421-4 Indian Red with Red Lining have sold out before delivery! No further orders will be accepted for these numbers and we only have a few models of 421-2 available for pre-order. Please remember to pre-order your desired models early to avoid missing out! At this stage we are expecting the 421 to arrive in July.

24 May, 2015

Car Carriers Ready-to-Run in HO Scale from Auscision
In conjunction with our NSW RUB Cars & Southern Aurora Passenger Sets we are making the MotoRail Car Carrier to run with these trains. Standard New South Wales, Victorian & South Australian bulk car carriers are also being produced at the same time. Check out the "Car Carrier" page for further information. Orders/prices will be available from June long weekend.


28 April, 2015

XPT Painted Samples Arrive!
Wow! That's all we can say. We have all been waiting for this day for a long time now. Candy & RailCorp 7 car sets starting to get low. Production expected to arrive in September just in time for the Liverpool show in October. Check out those orange windows on the passenger cars!

25 April, 2015

JLX, NKQX/RKQF, SQKF & NLDF Order forms are now online
Pre-orders are now open for the above freight wagons. The NLDF is currently in production and expected to arrive towards the end of the year and the JLX, NKQX/RKQF & SQKF wagons will arrive early in 2016. Take advantage of our pre-order prices. $220.00 if ordered and paid for before delivery, after delivery price for a 4 car pack will be $260.00.


20 April, 2015

Unannounced L Class now available
We recently received our sea freight shipment of L Class locomotives and all numbers with the exception of L-1 are now in stock. We have 1 unannounced VR number that arrived with the sea freight. L-12 L1165 which has the staff exchangers plated over.

9 April, 2015

Auscision Publications
We are proud to release our first book "Through The Lens" from Auscision Publications. 240 page, full colour book from photographers Graham Cotterall & Jason Ferguson. Available now from our website for only $79.95.

13 March, 2015

NR Class Locomotive Artworks
With 14 different liveries to choose from which ones will you get!

12 March, 2015

SCT Class Locomotive
We have released another livery on our GT46C-ACe locomotive, SCT. 2 numbers are available now SCT007 & SCT012. with SCT001, 002, 005 & 015 arriving with the rest of the GT46C-ACe models in May. Please visit the GT46C-ACe page to order the 2 numbers that we have in stock.


1 March, 2015

Unannounced Locomotive to be released at Sandown Exhibition
Auscision will release an unannounced HO Scale Locomotive at next weekends Sandown Model Railway Exhibition in Victoria. There will be limited numbers available at the show so get in early to avoid missing out! Along with this new model we will also have our recently released Victorian L Class Locomotive and NSW 45 & 46 Class Locomotives available to purchase.

20 February, 2015

More spare parts available
Our spare parts page has just been updated to include our Brass horns, pantographs, NHRH bogies, wooden shunter steps & 5-pole motors.


19 February, 2015

We received our latest test shots of the JLX/NLJX Louvered van. this model will be available later in the year along with the NQRX Container wagon and NKQX Steel wagons. Details will be on our site soon.

16 February, 2015

Latest Adverts
Some of our latest magazine adverts.



8 February, 2015

The Perfect G/BL!
Something we have been working on for over 3 years is the MK1 G Class & BL Class Locomotives. Panda has put hours of research and development into this project and it will be the best G/BL on the market. This will be our 2nd project to be available with DC/DCC sound and will be produced in the following liveries:
G Class Ė V/Line, Freight Victoria, Freight Australia, SCT, Southern Shorthaul Railroad & Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia.
BL Class Ė Australian National, National Rail Arrows, National Rail Charcoal, SteelLink, Pacific National Intermodal & Pacific National Rural & Bulk.
Further information and order forms will be available from our website soon. Auscision! A brand you can trust!

5 February, 2015

L Class Update
Ok so we have decided to Airfreight the L Class production models so that we have enough time to send all pre-orders out before the Sandown show in March. Unfortunately our factory didn't have enough time to finish all 11 numbers before CNY holidays so we are only getting L-1 to L-9. If you ordered L-10 & 11 we will post them out in March when they arrive. The airfreight is expected next week so get your orders in quick! Please note L-1 has now sold out.

30 January, 2015

The Ultimate NR!
Auscision has been working on a sound equipped HO Scale NR that will operate on both DC & DCC. The sound files have been recorded and developed here in Australia from an actual NR Class Locomotive and will be factory fitted to each model. Our NR will be the most detailed NR available on the market and will feature over 300 separately applied parts. It is being produced in conjunction with our C44aci locomotive and will be available in 13 different liveries and have all of the same features as our C44aci. Further details and order forms will be available soon.

20 January, 2015

Project Updates
We have not long returned from our trip to China after visiting our factories and have both good and bad news on projects.

Firstly we would like to say thanks to all of our regular supportive customers that wait patiently for our projects to be delivered. As most of you know we donít deliberately delay models or hold them back. If a project ends up being quicker to make than another we will deliver it early as we would prefer our customer to have their model rather than us keep it in our warehouse.

Itís going to be a big year at Auscision. We have a locomotive being delivered every single month from January to October.

We have tried our best to support our customers with low prices but that day is coming to an end. With prices rising in China each year and now the Aussie dollar dropping fast prices are going to have to rise. Every 10c the AUD drops against the USD our costs automatically go up by 10%. So our models should cost 30% more as the dollar is now down to $0.77c. Please take advantage of our pre-paid prices as they wonít be this low ever again.

And once again we have to mention how important it is to pre-order your models early. We place our order with the factory after receiving orders from our customers so that we have an idea on what quantity we need to order. In the past some of our customers have missed out as they decided to order closer to delivery after we had placed our order with the factory. Just look at the Candy 86 class. We ordered plenty of these but were bombarded with orders just before the model was delivered. So our advice is to lock your order in early and you are guaranteed to get what you want.

Auscision Shop Unfortunately we havenít had much time to work on the final finishing touches with the shop. With the 45 class just arriving we will be quite busy posting these out and once we are done the 46 will arrive. Hopefully the shop will be open in the coming months.

Below you will find an up to date anticipated delivery and some progress information on all of our projects that are currently in development. 

45 Class Locomotive The 45 Class have just arrived. We will spend this week packing all orders before we send them out in one big load. There are 2 new unannounced Indian Red versions with L7 logos on the cab side. These are available now from our website.

46 Class Locomotive The 46 class is in production and will leave China on the 30th of January 2015. We saw the factory pad printing each body while we were there. A few numbers are about to sell out and we will update our website with further information on this soon.

L Class Locomotive Victorian L Class electric is also in the painting and printing stage at the factory with the shipment leaving China before CNY holidays in February. We are trying our best to have the models available for the Sandown 2015 show.

P Class Locomotive The BRM P Class is currently in the injecting stage and will be shipped out of China on the 30th of March.

421 Class Locomotive Our factory is pulling their hair out with the 421! Itís such a complex locomotive with nearly every loco number having a different livery or something different with the decoration causing the factory to spend more time painting each body with lots of masks required. Because of this delivery for the 421 will now be May 2015.

X Class Locomotive We viewed the painted samples for the X Class while at the factory and they looked great. Some photos of the samples have just been posted on our website. Delivery for the X Class will be around June/July 2015.

NLDF Newsprint Van Although we havenít started taking order yet we have just received the painted samples. Delivery is expected in July 2015. Order forms will be available soon.

43 Class Locomotive Our 43 Class locomotive will be available in August 2015. Painted samples have also just turned up and can be viewed on the 43 class page.

T Class (Cut away valance) BRMs next batch of T Class will arrive later in 2015. Order forms should be out soon and painted samples are expected soon.

XPT Passenger Train Ok so this has been a long and huge project for us but itís going to be worth the wait. We were playing around with orange window colours while at the factory trying to get a colour that matched the prototype. We expect to see painted samples around March with delivery unfortunately not until August 2015. We have tried our best to pull this project in but itís so huge that it needs several months just to assemble all of the models on top of injecting the parts, painting and printing them.

C44ACI Locomotive Unfortunately this project has been pushed back a little further until 3rd quarter 2015. We added a few new special liveries to the production schedule which pushed the project back.  We should have painted samples early in 2015.

GT46C-Ace Locomotives Due to a few issues with our PCB design for the GT46C-Ace this model has been delayed until 2nd quarter 2015. We felt that it was best for us to deliver a perfect product rather than deliver something we were not happy with. Our newly designed PCB in the GT46C-Ace is friendlier for DCC users and will have flashing ditch lights as per the prototype.

Tangara Suburban Train Another project that took more time than anticipated is the Tangara. We have re-tooled many of the parts after we had to re-engineer the way each car is coupled together. Our original design looked good on the CAD drawings but didnít work once we tested the samples. So we have spent the last 12 months re-tooling these parts and have all promised ourselves we will never attempt to make a model that looks as simple as the Tangara but in reality is one of the most complex models ever. Another problem with the Tangara is that the bogies are hidden under the side skirting and itís almost impossible to put each car on the track as you cannot align the bogies with the rails. This is why we designed the railers so that each car can be slid down the railer onto the track with ease. We viewed the modified tooling while in China and should hopefully receive the painted samples in the coming months. Production is now expected to arrive in May.

Southern Aurora Passenger Train The southern Aurora is progressing smoothly and is still expected to arrive in 2015. We will post samples on our website soon.

48/830 Class Locomotives We should have tooling samples soon. Our factory is pushing this project through quite fast and delivery is still expected in 2015. Please remember to take advantage of our super low pre-order price of only $220.00 as this price wonít last forever and this special price is only for Auscision customers.

O Scale 45 Class Late last year we received samples of our O Scale 45 Class locomotive and have been making corrections with the factory. We expect the production of to arrive around May/June 2015. Order forms will be available soon.

We have about 11 new projects yet to announce. Some we have tooled and are ready for production and some are being tooled at the moment. Once we get a few of our current projects out of the way we will make some new announcements.

 13 January, 2015

Victorian X Class Painted Samples
X Class painted samples have just turned up. Below are a few images.


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