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16 December, 2011

E Passenger Cars
All paid orders have now been posted. We spent the last 24 hours at the Auscision warehouse packing everyone's orders so that you will receive them before Christmas. If you don't receive your order by the end of next week and its been fully paid, please check with your local post office as we find that most orders are sitting at the post office waiting for collection. If its not fully paid then we advise paying.

Please note that some packs and single cars are getting extremely low. We will provide an update after Christmas on the stock levels. Orders are now available online for the E Cars.

11 December, 2011

E Passenger Car Spare Parts
We have available 9 & 10 Spoke Wheels, Passenger Bogies, Handrails & Passenger Interiors from our range of E Passenger Cars. These are available now.
Check out our Spare Parts page for prices and further info.

5 December, 2011

NHRH Coal Hopper Available for Pre-Order.
We have uploaded details on our NHRH Coal Hopper project. These models will be available late in 2012. Tooling samples are expected soon and artwork is completed, so we are well advanced with this project.


10 November, 2011

Another Unannounced Model Being Tooled!
We have started on the tooling for another unannounced model. Tooling samples will be available early in the new year and we will make our announcement then. You can try and guess but we will be keeping our lips sealed until then. Please note that this is a different model to what we mentioned on the 25th of March.

9 November, 2011

ABFX & AOOX Confirmed Shipping Date
Our factory in China has confirmed that both the ABFX Louvered Van & AOOX Open Wagon productions will be shipped at the end of January 2012. Please ensure you get your orders in before they arrive so we can post your order out without delay.

26 October, 2011

E Passenger Car & GY on the water.
Don't wait to get your order in as some items have already sold out!

22 October, 2011

GY's About to ship!
- Our shipment of GY wagons are finished and about to ship from China. This has been one of our longest projects ever. We originally completed the tooling for the GY back in 2009 with delivery planned for 2010 but as always something goes wrong. We thank all of those customers that placed their orders and have been patient with the delivery. For those that haven't ordered you had better order soon as the price will rise to our standard wagon pack price of $239.95 the day the boat arrives in Australia. Please also note that VFW-35 has now sold out and we cannot take any further pre-orders for this item.

6 October, 2011

Selling Fast!
- Don't wait for further vans to sell out. Get you order in now!

5 October, 2011

Auscision Models Weathering
- Check out our new page dedicated to Weathered Auscision products.

1 October, 2011

Victorian Advertising U & T Vans (Series 2)
- 21 More liveries to collect! (18 U Vans & 3 T Vans) Like with Series 1 we have only produced 100 of each livery in the first production run. Get in quick to avoid missing out!

30 September, 2011

NSW S008, S0016 & S0024 Grain Silos
- Come see our latest structure project at the Liverpool show. (Samples on display)

29 September, 2011

NQIW & GJX Re-Runs Arrive!
- All orders have been posted out and we now have minimal stocks of the NQIW & GJX wagons remaining. We will have both items available at this weekends Liverpool show. Click on the images below to order online.

26 September, 2011

AOOX Painted Samples
- Received our painted samples of the AOOX open wagons today. They look really good! a few corrections and they will be ready for production. (Please note below ANR photo shows large AN code board which will be removed on production model)

24 September, 2011

BP Box Van Painted Samples
- First decorated samples of the BP Vans. Our factory advises they can fit the production of the BP Van in around April 2012. Get your orders in as we are only producing a small run of these wagons.

22 September, 2011

Liverpool Show
- Don't forget we will be announcing & releasing another surprise model on the 1st of October. Come and see us at the show or check out our website on Saturday the 1st of October to find out what it is. PS its another Victorian Model. Sorry NSW!

At the show we will have 3 samples of a NSW outline model so don't forget to check us out.

16 September, 2011

Weathered N Class
- We thought we would share some of our models after a little weathering. Thanks Justin!

15 September, 2011

Unannounced KLV Livery
- SRA Red NLKY with Red Worm Logo available now.


NLKY Louvered Van SRA Red with Red Worm Logo, 4 car pack





13 September, 2011

More painted samples arrive.
- ABFX Wagons in SCT Livery.

25 August, 2011

More models arrive.
- KLV Louvered vans are available now. Our shipment arrived in our Sydney warehouse today and we will start posting out all orders tomorrow.

23 August, 2011

All we can say is Wow!
- Look at these little stunners! 17 different advertising U vans available now to add to your collection. We have only produced 100 of each livery in the first production run so get yours before its too late.


9 August, 2011

SCT 40 Foot Container Now Available!
- We have 100 twin packs of the 40ft container available in the SCT livery. Click on the below "Add to Cart" logo to buy now.


SCT Livery


Sold Out!




8 August, 2011

ABFX SCT Painted Sample Received.
- Nice!

6 August, 2011

Unannounced Victorian Outline Model to be released at Caulfield!
- This weekend we are air freighting 9 huge pallets of models half of which we will take to this years Caulfield show. One mystery item will be available in 17 different versions and will be on sale from Saturday 20th of August (at the Caulfield Show). Be sure to bring your credit cards and get in early as we are certain this unannounced item won't last the weekend.

The mystery item will be announced and available (well whatever is left after the show) to all those that cannot attend Caulfield via our website & online shopping cart on the 23rd of August.

Please note that due to the extra cost of air freighting and our continued commitment to supply & support hobby retailers all U-T-KMQ 6 car packs will rise to $239.95 as of the 9th of August. If you wish to order at the pre delivery price we advise doing so now!

5 August, 2011

Latest Videos
- Keep an eye on our facebook page for regular train videos. Click the below image to visit our facebook video page. Signup may be required to view all content.

1 August, 2011

Online ordering now available on Auscision website!
- We have just launched our online ordering feature on our website. All in stock items can now be ordered via our shopping cart. We have designed it to be as simple as possible so that its easy enough for all of our customers to order. All orders will be dispatched within 3 working days of receiving them. (unless payment issues arise) Please do not call us to confirm your online order. We will not be able to assist you as its all automated from the minute you click process order up until when we pack and send your order.

Pre-orders still need to be placed on our official order forms and either posted, faxed or emailed to us.

27 July, 2011

Palm Trees back in stock.
- We have just received our second shipment of trees and our complete range of 42 different trees are now in stock.

26 July, 2011

More U-T-KMQ shipment sample photos.

18 July, 2011

U-T-KMQ Victorian 4 Wheel wagon shipment samples arrive!
- We have just received our shipment samples of the U-T-KMQ wagons. We will be air freighting the complete 2.1 Tonne shipment in the first week of August so that we have time to send all pre orders out before the Caulfield show. Please ensure you get your final payments in ASAP so that there are no delays in sending out your order. Also if you would like to order any of these wagons we advise doing so as the price may rise after the shipment has arrived.

7 July, 2011

Further items added to our spare part range.
- Now available are our own scale size metal knuckle couplers, painted driver figures, locomotive bogies & new all metal wheels.


28 June, 2011

KLV Shipment Samples Arrive.
- Today we received the shipment samples for the KLV Louvered Van. This means that production is almost finished and shipment is not far away!

24 June, 2011

The Ghan!
- Auscision is now taking orders for "The Ghan" AN Class Locomotive. Get your order in early to avoid missing out on this masterpiece. AN3 is a perfect partner for your Ghan liveried NR Class Locomotives.

23 June, 2011

New product announcements. Order forms now online!
- We have just uploaded the latest order forms for our South Australian range of rolling stock and locos. Please be aware that due to the small interest in SA outline we will only be producing a small production run of each product and there probably won't be any re-runs. Be quick and order yours before its too late!


22 June, 2011

CSX Wagons arrive in Sydney.
- The CSX shipment has arrived at the ports in Sydney and we should have the stock in our warehouse by the end of the week. All paid orders will be packed over the weekend and posted on Monday.

Please note if you would like to order any further CSX packs for your collection we recommend doing so before the end of the month as come July 1st the price will rise to $239.95 per 4 car pack.

3 new items have been added to the CSX range and are available now.


RCSF Wagon Pacific National, PN Grey/Yellow without Tarp supports (4 Car Pack)

$239.95 Available Now

AMA-6 CSX Wagon Tarpaulin Cover National Rail Orange/Grey V2 (4 per pack) $19.95 Available Now
AMA-7 CSX Wagon Tarpaulin Cover Pacific National Orange/Green (4 per pack) $19.95 Available Now

10 May, 2011

Auscision keeping South Australian Customers Happy!
- Today we received samples of our AHGX model. Both Original & Modern versions can be seen below. Order forms will be available soon.

5 May, 2011

NGTY Samples Arrived!
- We have received samples of our NGTY/NGGF Hoppers and they look fantastic! Further information & order forms will be available mid year.

4 May, 2011

AOOX Samples Arrived!
- We have received samples of our AOOX Open Wagons. We will be producing both versions with and without doors. Further information & order forms will be available mid year.

14 April, 2011

Unannounced Model Now in Stock!
- Our shipment of Coil Steel Cradles & Coil Steel Loads have arrived and are now in stock. Please see below for further information and order forms.

Please note that we only made 250 packs of each coil variant so they certainly won't last long.


25 March, 2011

New Model Samples Received!
- Image of one of our new tools for an upcoming unannounced release. It could be either a Locomotive or Rollingstock item. Samples of this item were received today and will be on display and officially announced at a future show.

24 March, 2011

Victorian B Class Locomotives Back in Stock!
- Our ever popular VR B60 & B62, Murraylander B80, SSR B61, WCR B61 & CFCLA B76 are all back in stock.

12 March, 2011

280HP Walker Railcar Unveiled at 2011 Sandown Exhibition!
- Order forms are now online for our HO Scale Ready-to-Run 280HP Walker Railcar project. Tooling is finished and we are expecting painted samples in the next few months. Production is planned for 2012 and it will only be a small run so if you don't want to miss out we advise placing your order sooner rather than later.

Visit Walker page for more info.

7 March, 2011

Surprise Announcement
- Don't forget as mentioned in the last issue of AMRM we will be announcing a surprise project this Saturday at the Sandown Model Railway Exhibition. On display over the weekend we will have samples of the new model along with order forms.

Available at the show will be our recently released N Class Locomotive, NSWGR G4 Goods Sheds, Working NSW CTC Signals & our all time popular Silver & Gold Storage Boxes.

Be sure to come and see us.

2011 Sandown Model Railway Exhibition
Saturday 12th - Monday 14th of March 2011
Light Fingers Room, Gate 2 Sandown Race Course
Princes Highway, Sandown Victoria

10 February, 2011

Latest Shipment
- We have just received shipments of the following items:

G4 Goods Sheds
CTC Signals
Gold Storage Boxes
Silver Storage Boxes

These are all available now and in stock.

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