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Welcome to the Auscision Models September 2008 Newsletter!

Firstly, the EL Class locomotives are selling well, and all road numbers are still in stock. We did have some initial issues with breakages in the post, but all broken models were replaced with brand new ones, and we now have thicker plastic cradles to a slightly different design to eliminate this issue. We thank everyone who did have a broken model for their understanding and patience. We now have available a very small number of single units (less than 150 models) of EL51 in the CFCLA livery with a thin yellow top stripe. Feel free to use the form enclosed in our catalogue to order a unit – they are priced at $265.00 each, excluding postage and insurance.

We are expecting the first samples of the CQBY, PRRY & RQHY 60ft skeletal container wagons around the end of this year. Due to ever increasing costs in China, any packs which have not been ordered and secured with a $60 deposit before 7 October (the day after the Hurstville Exhibition) will increase in price to $239.95 for a 5 car pack. The price for orders placed before 7 October is $199.95 for a 5 pack. These models have around 130 metal and plastic parts, and will be first class as far as detail is concerned.

A new website is now up and running. The website address is still the same (, but the content has been changed to provide a fresh appearance. Pete performs all of this website design work in-house.

Order forms are now available for models of B65 in the Auscision Models livery. Only 300 units will be produced and they will be a limited edition complete with wooden box and certificate. To prevent disappointment, please order now – demand for this model to date has well exceeded our expectations.


We are now taking orders for the NSW 422 Class locomotive. Order forms are included with this newsletter. Delivery is scheduled for late 2009. The detail on this model will be exquisite, with comprehensive pipework and other detail items along the underframe. The ‘Super-Series’ 42220 version in tuscan and yellow is proving to be very popular.

We have been busy arranging for our factory to correct 17 details on the Victorian A & B Class locomotives that we were not happy with. We expect the next Victorian A & B Class corrected samples in a couple of months. The artwork for the decoration of these models has been progressing well, and this is an aspect of model production which is very time consuming. Delivery of the production run of A & B Class locomotives is currently sitting around March 2009 – May 2009.

Tooling of the Victorian N Class has commenced. We have spent considerable time ensuring that corrections to the first samples should be minimal – this is an aspect which can cause considerable delays with a project. Currently, delivery of the production run of this locomotive is on track for around June 2009 – July 2009.

Our NSW NGPF grain hopper production run is scheduled to arrive at Port Botany in the last week of August. Our apologies for the recent delay to this project – the boxes the models were to be packaged in were destroyed when our factory’s subcontractor had a typhoon go through their premises. The ‘L7’ logo version is in very short supply. With each product delivery, we are getting more efficient with our dispatch process, so we expect to get all of the fully paid pre-orders out to our customers quite quickly.

The painted versions of the NQIW/RQIW 45ft container wagons have sold out. Undecorated versions are also in short supply, and will most likely sell out well before the end of this year. We do not envisage re-running these wagons for some time.

We now have an order form available for the next run of NSW NHFF coal hoppers. We are producing 21 different packs. Eight of these packs are identical re-runs, the other 13 packs are new. These models are forecast to be delivered in mid-2009.

Stocks of the 20ft Seacell containers are also in short supply. Version CON-1 has sold out (Patrick livery without roof hatches). We will be producing another run of these containers early in 2009, and we plan on including 5 new liveries, together with re-running the current liveries. We should also have a 40ft transport container available in the first half of 2009, and plan on producing these in 10 different liveries. It is envisaged that the 40ft transport containers will retail for $29.95 per twin pack.

We now have available a glossy all-color Auscision Models First Edition August 2008 Catalogue. A copy has been included with this newsletter mail out.


In relation to monthly progress payments of orders by credit card, we have unfortunately had to discontinue this arrangement. It has proved to be extremely onerous in terms of time as the business develops, and in order to keep our costs down so that everyone benefits, we did not believe that it would be money well spent putting on an employee to administer this function. Instead, we do offer the ability for customers to directly pay funds into the Auscision Models bank account at any time to pay off orders. With this option, we ask that customers include the Order Number in their transaction description, and also let us know by email or phone what funds have been transferred to ensure that we can reconcile the payment with a customer and order. Our first preference however is for customers to send cheques or money orders for these progress payments.

We also have a few surprise projects for late 2009 / early 2010 – further details of these will be released once we have samples.

With respect to exhibitions, we will be attending the AMRA Vic Caulfield Exhibition (at Caulfield Racecourse) on Sat 23 August (9am to 6pm) and Sun 24 August (9am to 5pm). We will also be attending the AMRA NSW Hurstville Exhibition (at Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre) on Sat 4 October (9am to 5pm), Sun 5 October (9am to 5pm) and Mon 6 October (9am to 4pm). With the Hurstville Exhibition, we have also assisted with funding bringing the layout ‘Arid Australia’ over to Sydney from WA. An attempt is planned at Hurstville on ‘Arid Australia’ to break the world record for the longest model train. As always, we really enjoy catching up with all of our customers face-to-face at these exhibitions.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our customers for their ongoing support and patronage.

Kindest Regards,

Peter Wilks & Jason Ferguson

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