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Hi Everyone,

Wow, what a busy year it has been so far… we can’t believe that June is already upon us. Our apologies for the length of time between newsletters, but we have been extremely busy with lots of current & new projects. For those of you that were worried that you have dropped off our mailing list well you haven’t been - we will still continue to mail out new order forms and information as well as posting it on our website.

Trip to China


In January this year, Pete and Jamie had a very successful tour of our factories in China to check on projects and to speak with them about future models. Whilst on this productive trip we found that our main factory has been working to an incorrect measurement with all of our previously released models for the coupler height. As a result, the couplers on all models were a smidgen too low. This issue has now been fixed and all future models released will have the correct coupler height.

A new project in the development stage is a metal scale size knuckle coupler for release sometime in the near future. This item will replace the plastic coupler we are currently using on our models.

We are also in the process of developing a new wheel with a metal axle. This type of wheel will be available on all rollingstock models once our current stock of plastic wheels has been depleted.



We are pleased to announce the arrival of our scale model ‘Australian Trees’. All trees are handmade in China especially for Auscision Models and come in a variety of sizes and tones to make your layout scenery look spectacular.

We took a small variety to some recent exhibitions and the positive feedback proves they are very popular. We have attached a pricelist and order form to this newsletter as they are now available and selling quickly. Please note that all of the palm trees have sold out but we are expecting more to arrive in August.


Stock of the KLY/NLKY wagons arrived in our warehouse at the beginning of May and all fully paid pre-orders were dispatched within two days of the container landing on our doorstep.

There had been some initial delays as we had to make some last minute tooling changes as we noticed after receiving the painted samples that one door was slightly shorter than the other.

With that rectified, the models are selling fast, so if you haven’t placed an order yet we would advise you do so soon to avoid disappointment.

NDFF Ballast Hoppers

These wagons are now available and are priced at $239.95 for a 4 car pack.

An overwhelming demand for the orange/silver Rail Infrastructure Corp (RIC) livery means that these wagons have sold out but we now have limited stocks of the Railcorp wagons in the orange/silver livery available.

Please visit our website for photos and further information. 

GJF/VHGF Victorian Grain Hoppers

Stocks of this model arrived in our warehouse at the beginning of March and are proving extremely popular. These hoppers feature metal etch roof walks and look stunning running around in a block train on a layout.

Due to their popularity, if you would like to order any of the yellow versions (GJF/VHGY or VHGF liveries) do so now before it’s too late, as some packs have already sold out and we have around 3 to 4 weeks of stock remaining at current sales levels.

CQBY/PRRY/RQHY Container Wagons

The highest level of detail has been put into these models and because of this detail they are extremely fragile. They are the perfect compliment to our 20’ and 40’ shipping containers.

These wagons have been selling well with both blue liveries (CFCLA and Pacific National) selling out rather early on due to their popularity.

There is limited stock remaining of the CFCLA Green, the FCL Brown and the un-decorated versions in our warehouse, so get your orders in fast to avoid disappointment if you would like to own a pack of these wagons.

B65 ‘Auscision Models’ Livery Locomotive

These have sold well with very few remaining in stock. They are still available at the special price of $275.00.

In relation to this model, we were very disappointed with the timber display boxes China supplied us. The quality of the box was not consistent with that of the samples we agreed on before production began and unfortunately we were supplied sub-standard merchandise.

A and B Class Locomotives

The A and B class models have been selling with great success.

We have sold out of B60 (Original VR Blue livery) as well as B61 (SSR) and A66 (Bicentennial and 1996 Melbourne for Olympics liveries). We have very limited quantities still available of B62 (Original VR Blue 1,000,000 miles), B74 (Original VR Blue), B61 (West Coast Rail), B80 (Murraylander) and B76 (CFCLA) liveries – there are less than 20 models of each of these items remaining in stock. Please place any orders you may have quickly to ensure your order can be filled.

We have had some issues arise with the occasional model running through tight track and SetTrack points. We are attending to this issue and improving the side play in the wheels on all future models.

We would also like to express our disappointment with the quality control in our factory with the grills on our B class locos as we have discovered a number of them have lifted from the body of the loco after they arrived in our warehouse.

For those of you who wish to correct their grills without sending them back for repair, this can be done by placing some super glue sparingly under the section which has popped up and then using a flat object to push the grill flat for around 2 minutes while the glue dries. It’s best to use some masking tape above or below the grill to stop unwanted glue damaging paintwork, and to use a small toothpick or equivalent object to place the glue on the back of the grill.

We had opted for grills without tabs originally as they gave a more realistic appearance to the loco but due to these quality control issues, all future models will have tabs on grills to prevent them from lifting and the etching will be of a greater thickness. 

40 Foot Containers

These have been selling fast and remaining stock will not last long. These containers are a perfect compliment to your CQBY wagons.

Please note that all TNT/Alltrans versions have sold out and due to their popularity the Sadliers and Toll versions have also sold out.

20 Foot Containers

These are still selling well. Please note the Toll version has sold out.

RH-RV Coil Steel Containers

Stock of these containers is now available and selling well. They are a great addition to our NQIW/RQIW container wagons and are the first release as part of our steel train series.

CTC Signals

Our factory has started working on our CTC signals and they will be available mid/late 2010.

These signals will be the most detailed in the industry and are as close to scale as possible to the real thing. They will feature etched metal parts with plastic construction. All contain working micro LED’s with all wires concealed within the pole.

A CTC hut will also be supplied with the signal which houses the small switch for manually switching the signal from red to green on the home signal and green to yellow on the distant signal.

If you wish to incorporate the switching with your layout, you can simply unplug the switch from the switch hut and hard wire the signal. The hut can then be added to your lineside scenery. Prices and release dates will be available soon.

Victorian N Class Locomotives

We have received painted samples for this model. The front windscreens on the last samples sit too high and are too large, so the tooling change to rectify this has now resulted in the N Class delivery date falling back to October. Our apologies for this further delay. We have worked on better side play in the axles so that the N Class loco will run better around rough track and tight SetTrack points (to avoid issues previously discovered with the A and B Class locos). Once these locomotives arrive the price will rise to $295.00.

Victorian N Passenger Cars

The drawings for these passenger cars have been completed and tooling will commence in the near future.

These models will only be available as a pack with 3 passenger cars plus a van. Please be advised that no single cars will be available.

Pricing, stock availability and order forms will be available later in the year. We plan on producing the Vicrail ‘tea-cup’ orange livery with two silver bands, the V/LINE orange livery with two silver bands, the V/LINE orange livery with white and green stripes, the V/LINE red/white/blue liveries and the latest V/Line grey/white/red livery.

E Passenger Cars

Tooling has started in our factory and samples will appear in the next couple of weeks. As soon as they arrive we will post photos on our blog page on our website. We have now included the V&SA versions as part of the production.

AHGX Wagons

The drawings for these models are complete and tooling will commence shortly. We are currently working on the artwork and will upload the AHGX page to our website soon.

ABFX Louvered Vans

Order forms for these models will be available later in the year. They will be available to purchase in 4 car packs and come in a variety of liveries.

Prices and delivery dates to be advised.

AN Class Locomotive

Drawings have been completed and tooling will commence soon in our factory. Artwork for this loco is also complete and we will be uploading this information to our website in the near future.



Design drawings have been completed and we will start production of this model in conjunction with the N Passenger cars.

422 Class Locomotive

Unfortunately the 422 class will not be available until 2011. We apologise for the delays but have had to spend quite a bit of time modifying the design drawings to improve issues with the mechanism so that it rides better through SetTrack points and tight curves.

We have also made some special additions to the 422 class locomotive that we will announce later when we have the tooling samples. These samples are due to arrive shortly.

46 Class Locomotive

Tooling will begin soon on this loco. We have spent an enormous amount of time making changes to the drawings to improve the look of this loco.

Delivery of this locomotive is to be advised at a later date.

86 Class Locomotive

Our factory is working on the design drawings and we have no date set for this project at the current time.

Storage Boxes

Due to their high demand, the current gold storage boxes have sold out. We have produced another run of these storage boxes with a silver lid. This production has the foam liners running in the opposite direction compared with the previous runs. The price remains unchanged at $39.95 each. These items are available now and we have included an order form with this mailout.

EL Class Locomotive

These are continuing to sell well. There are limited numbers of some liveries left remaining unsold so if you haven’t yet made a purchase, get your orders in fast to avoid disappointment. Please note that EL51 in AN livery has sold out and EL58 in the Freight Australia livery is getting close to selling out.

T Class Locomotive

These hot little sellers have recently been moving fast. Both SSR liveries have sold out and only a handful of the CFCLA livery with roadnumbers T377 and T387 remain in stock. At the beginning of June, we have 18 models of T377 and 6 models of T387 remaining.

73 Class Locomotive

For those of you that haven’t heard we are producing the NSW 73 Class diesel locomotive in HO Scale. We have received the first samples of the 73 Class locomotive and photos can be found on our website. We are making four minor changes to the tooling, and the models should be available in 2011.

73 Class locomotives were seen regularly working around the Sydney metropolitan area on trip trains and shunting duties, together with operating at other locations in NSW including Newcastle, Port Kembla, Goulburn, Queanbeyan, Cootamundra, Albury, Parkes, Orange, Lithgow, Dubbo, West Tamworth, Taree, Grafton and South Brisbane. Liveries being produced include Indian Red, Reverse, Candy, Freight Rail blue, green & yellow, red terror, CRT blue & cream, CountryLink, Manildra and Patrick PortLink red & yellow.

CSX Coil Steel wagons

Samples have been received of the CSX coil steel wagons and its more modern day derivatives. The Victorian Railways constructed a total of 90 CSX wagons between 1966 and 1972. Each wagon had five cradles for carrying coils. To protect the coil rolls, the wagons were fitted with large steel hoops and bulkheads at each end to allow a tarpaulin to cover the load. With the introduction of the four letter codes, these wagons were reclassified as VFSX, and in the late 1980s they became VCSX, with the ‘C’ denoting the wagon purpose as ‘Coil’ steel. With the formation of National Rail (NRC) the majority of the VCSX wagons were transferred from V/Line and were recoded RCSX in 1994. When 70t bogies were fitted, the code was changed to RCSF and they were being primarily loaded out of Port Kembla in New South Wales. An order form which details each of the packs and liveries being produced is included with this mailout. The models will be available in 2011.

NHRH ‘Batwing’ Coal Hoppers

The much sought after NSW NHRH ‘Batwing’ coal hopper models will be delivered in 2011. The hoppers were introduced into traffic in 1993, and are prolific in the Hunter Valley of NSW. They are equally at home behind 81, 82, 90, 92, TT and G Class locomotives. Order forms will be available later in the year.

U-T-KMQ 4 Wheel Wagons

First tooling samples have been received for the VR U, T and KMQ 4-wheel wagons and photos of these items can be found our website. These models are due for delivery later this year. Given the sheer volume of projects we are working on and the need to limit the amount of stock we carry, we will only be producing enough wagons to cover our pre-orders and 10% extra for over the counter direct sales, so if you don’t want to miss out we suggest getting your orders in before August 2010 when we have to decide on the production numbers.

NGTY/NGGF/ NGKF Grain and Sugar Hoppers

Drawings have been completed for EPT version of these NSW grain and sugar hoppers. The bodies of the hoppers differ in shape when compared with the Goninan version we have previously produced as NGPF grain hoppers.

Secret Projects

In addition to everything we have announced, there will also be the odd project which we will broadcast once we are in possession of samples, and there will also be the occasional other project which will be delivered without warning.

2010 Exhibitions we will be attending

NSW – Thornleigh: 12, 13 & 14 June

VIC – Caulfield: 21 & 22 August

NSW – Newcastle: 4 & 5 September

NSW – Liverpool: 2, 3 & 4 October

As you can see we have quite a few product releases at the present time and due to the abundant supply of new upcoming projects we have an overload of emails and phone calls to process. We kindly ask that you be patient with us and we will get back to everyone – it just might take a little longer than usual – Auscision Models is still a part time business for everyone involved with it.

We have introduced a new blog page to our website to keep our customers informed. We update this site frequently with product updates so keep tuning back in to see the latest ‘hot off the press’ news!

In the latter half of 2009, Auscision Models acquired a factory unit in Sydney which has become the hub of our operations. From this, we pack and ship all of our customer orders. In October last year, Mel joined our small team on a part time basis to assist us in getting your orders packed and to the post office as promptly as we possibly can.

We have a new fax number for the warehouse – 02 9620 6695.

You can now fax your orders and enquiries to this number or you can still post them in the mail to our PO Box address.

Some more exciting news – over the past 6 months we have been busy constructing a small retail outlet attached to our warehouse here in Sydney. We are working to have it finished and open for business sometime in the near future. We will advise you of the details and address when an opening date is confirmed. Stay tuned to our blog page for this exciting news. Please note that the shop will be for ‘retail sales only’ and will only operate on Saturday mornings.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you at the various exhibitions throughout the year.

Kind Regards

Peter Wilks, Jason Ferguson, Jamie Dorrian and Mel Sayer

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