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Released July 2014

All prices quoted include GST

  • Ready-to-run 1:43.5
  • Handcrafted brass construction
  • Metal Kadee couplers supplied
  • Highly detailed underframe
  • Factory painted & decorated
  • Highly detailed bogies
  • 9 Different body versions
  • Detailed cab interior
  • See-through metal etched grilles
  • Operating headlight
  • Red & white marker lights
  • 5-Pole skew wound motor with twin brass flywheels
  • All wheel drive and electrical pickup
  • 6 Different liveries to choose from
  • Separately applied air hoses & MU cables
  • Sprung buffer plates (on some versions)
  • Limited to only 100 models
  • Each model individually numbered


Indian Red (With Valance)


4905 Indian Red Livery with valance & buffers


Sold Out


4909 4909 Indian Red Livery with valance & buffers $1,695.00

Sold Out


Indian Red (Without Valance)

4916 4916 Indian Red Livery without valance & with buffers $1,695.00

Sold Out


4918 4918 Indian Red Livery without valance & with buffers $1,695.00

Sold Out


Green & Gold (With Valance)

4902 4902 Green & Gold Livery with valance & without buffers $1,695.00

Sold Out


4905 4905 Green & Gold Livery with valance & without buffers $1,695.00

Sold Out


Candy (With Valance)


4903 Candy Livery with valance & without buffers


Sold Out


Candy (Without Valance)


4913 Candy Livery without valance & with buffers


Sold Out


4914 4914 Candy Livery without valance & with buffers $1,695.00

Sold Out


Red Terror (With Valance)


4906 Red Terror Livery with valance & without buffers


Sold Out


SSR (With Valance)


4904 SSR Livery with valance & without buffers


Sold Out


4910 4910 SSR Livery with valance & without buffers $1,695.00

Sold Out


SSR (Without Valance)


4917 SSR Livery without valance & without buffers


Sold Out


Consolidated Rail Leasing (With Valance)


4911 CRL Livery with valance, without buffers and side handrails fitted


Sold Out




On 15 September 1960 the NSWGR took delivery of 4901, the first of an order of six units.  Built at Clyde Engineering at Granville, these locomotives were acquired to enable dieselisation of the Broken Hill line and were based at Parkes for this working.  Similar in specifications to the Bo-Bo configured 875hp (652Kw) Victorian Railways T class, the 49 class were fitted with Co-Co bogies in order to minimise their axle load for working over this lightly ballasted line.     

Their success with this roster resulted in a further two orders.  The first for an additional six units, 4907 to 4912, was placed during September 1961 with 4907 entering service in July 1962.  The final order for a further six units was placed during August 1963, with 4913 to 4918 being delivered between June and September 1964.  This last group differed from the earlier deliveries in that they were equipped with a narrow valance instead of the wide valance fitted to 4901 to 4912.

With the 49 class based at Parkes between 1960 and 1989 the units became synonymous with the western region of NSW.  Initally used between Parkes and Broken Hill, subsequent orders allowed their working to spread to Dubbo, Orange and Forbes and eventually to Lithgow as well as many of the branch lines throughout the region. 

The upgrading of the Broken Hill line in conjunction with the commencement of Sydney-Perth through traffic in early 1970 saw the 49 class being displaced by mainline units for the most of the workings over this line.  With this change, the 49 class area of operation was expanded further to include the cross country lines to Werrris Creek and district in the north and Cootamundra to the south.

In 1989 the decision was made to transfer the 49 class to Delec in Sydney with the 4907 being the first to arrive in late July.  The class were then put to use around the Sydney metropolitan area as well as working coal trains to Tahmoor on the Main South.  For a brief period during 1994 they also worked to Nowra on the Illawarra line.

During November 1994 units 4903, 4910, 4912 and 4916 worked to Victoria to operate ballast trains during the final months of the Melbourne - Adelaide standard gauge project for National Rail.  These units returned to Sydney in mid 1995 following completion of this task.

In early 1995 the remaining members of the class were withdrawn and stored.  The following year an expected large wheat crop and a need to release existing motive power for this task saw most of the available units return to service in late 1996, although their use was restricted to the metropolitan area.  In July 1997 the operational units were once again withdrawn and by 1999 they commenced to be sold off.

Over their history numerous members of the class received repaints into the various liveries introduced. 

Candy - 4902, 4903, 4905, 4907, 4908, 4909, 4910, 4912, 4913, 4914, 4916, 4918.
Red Terror – 4906.
Green - 4901, 4902, 4905.
Freightcorp blue - 4910, 4911.

Only three members, 4904, 4915 and 4917 did not receive any of the new paint schemes.

Over the years a number of the class have been upgraded and returned to service by their new owners.  Three of these, 4904, 4910 and 4911 after initially being operated by CFCLA as KL80, KL81 and KL82, were purchased by Southern Shorthaul Rail.  Under their new ownership the locomotives had their original road numbers reinstated and were repainted and released in the SSR corporate yellow scheme during 2011 - 4904 in July, 4917 in September and 4910 in November.   During April 2011 locomotive 4911 was purchased from Manildra Mills and moved to SSR’s Bendigo Workshops for overhaul and return to service.  Following completion and repaint in its new livery, 4911 was released to its new owners Consolidated Rail Leasing in August 2012.




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