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Released August 2011

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  • Ready-to-run
  • Plastic (ABS) body & chassis
  • Blackened metal disc wheels (RP25-110)
  • Scale size metal knuckle couplers
  • Highly detailed underframe
  • Separately applied metal parts
  • 7 Different liveries available
  • Metal handrails & brake piping
  • Highly detailed bogies
  • Factory painted & decorated.
  • 18" Recommended minimum radius
  • Will operate on code 70, 83 & 100 rail
  • Metal etch end steps (some versions only)
  • diecast weights
  • Metal etch door latches
  • Original & modern versions available
  • KLV version comes with original 2CG bogies
  • 4 Different body versions being tooled
  • Real metal chain for the hand brake


KLV Louvered Van PTC Blue


KLV Louvered Van, PTC Blue with Worm Logo & 2CG Bogies, 4 Car Pack


Sold Out


Wagon Numbers: KLV 18636, KLV 18626, KLV 18627, KLV 18639



KLV Louvered Van, PTC Blue with 2CG Bogies, 4 Car Pack


Sold Out


Wagon Numbers: KLV 18649, KLV 18615, KLV 18604, KLV 18606


KLY Louvered Van PTC Blue


KLY Louvered Van, PTC Blue, 4 Car Pack



Wagon Numbers: KLY 18644, KLY 18645, KLY 18646, KLY 18635


KLY Louvered Van, PTC Blue, 4 Car Pack



Wagon Numbers: KLY 18608, KLY 18620, KLY 18605, KLY 18625


NLKY Louvered Van PTC Blue


NLKY Louvered Van, PTC Blue, 4 Car Pack


Sold Out


Wagon Numbers: NLKY 18601-W, NLKY 18612-Q, NLKY 18619-K, NLKY 18621-P


NLKY Louvered Van, PTC Blue, 4 Car Pack


Sold Out

Wagon Numbers: NLKY 18642-R, NLKY 18616-G, NLKY 18617-P, NLKY 18610-V


NLKY Louvered Van SRA Red


NLKY Louvered Van, SRA Red with Blue L7 Logo, 4 Car Pack


Sold Out


Wagon Numbers: NLKY 18623-K , NLKY 18633-S , NLKY 18648-C, NLKY 18632-J



NLKY Louvered Van, SRA Red, 4 Car Pack


Sold Out


Wagon Numbers: NLKY 18627-A, NLKY 18629-S, NLKY 18643-D, NLKY 18649-L


RLSY Louvered Van Modern Set


RLSY Louvered Van, Modern Mixed Set, 4 Car Pack


Sold Out


Wagon Numbers: RLSY 18629-A (Pacific National), RLUY 18640-K (Sadleirs),
                          RLSY 18645-D (Weathered Brown/Grey), RLSY 18647-V (Weathered Brown/Grey)


NLKY Louvered Van SRA Red


NLKY Louvered Van SRA Red with Red Worm Logo, 4 car pack


Sold Out!





In 1972 the Comeng plant at Granville NSW secured a contract with the NSWGR for the construction of 50 louvered vans that were 17.07 meters long, weighed 27 tonnes empty and had a capacity of 47 tonnes (111 cubic metres).

Previously designed vans such as the JLX and other earlier designs had used a deep underframe which supported the walls and roof which made them heavy and difficult to maintain and repair.

The KLV's used a new integral design in which a lighter underframe was used and the walls and roof were all part of the structural strength of the wagon making them lighter, stronger and the non-moving parts virtually maintenance free.

Large doorways with a simplified latching mechanism were included in the design to enable loading with a forklift two standard pallets wide. Goods loaded included fruit and vegetables, cement, white goods, pet foods and just about any other palletised loading.

These vans were also used for the transport of large newsprint rolls in block train loads of up to 20 wagons from Ettamogah paper mill near Albury, conveying the loading to Brisbane.

The NSWPTC must have been impressed with the KLV wagons as a further 150 KLY vans were ordered in 1975 to an almost identical design, the only difference being louvers from top to bottom as opposed to the KLV's which had a plain centre panel. The KLV's were painted PTC Blue when delivered and were recoded KLY from 1974 onwards as 2CM bogies were fitted. The fitting of 2CM bogies saw the vans running in parcels traffic on passenger trains. In the 1979 four letter recoding they were recoded to NLKY.

In the SRA era of the 1980's some KLY's were painted SRA red and the entire NLKY fleet was transferred to National Rail ownership in 1994/95. NLKY's were recoded RLSY for Sadleirs traffic. Some RLSY wagons were painted light green, while commencing in 2005 some vans have been painted Pacific National blue with Pacific National logos.

These wagons have seen extensive use over the entire standard gauge network and after nearly 40 years are still in revenue service with Pacific National.



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